Tile Trackers – How to Find My KeysPhoto by Rachel Nickerson

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In our house, the conversation sometimes goes like this: “Hey, where are the car keys?” “Try the drawer downstairs…” “Nope” “Try my purse” “Where’s your purse?” “Bedroom”  “They’re not in your purse” “Where’d you leave em?”  And so on… How to find my keys… the age old challenge!


Nothing is really Lost… Until your Mom can’t find it –anonymous

WHO THE FUCK TOOK MY…  Oh, here it is… -anonymous


We went to good schools, raised a couple kids & managed to make a good living. Yet, for 30 years we’ve taken turns misplacing stuff… From simple, everyday items like keys & remotes, to lots of expensive stuff. Once, during a hasty retreat from a hotel, I left a briefcase (with my laptop inside) on the curb. After a lot of anxiety & effort, I did eventually recover it.


Misplacing stuff seems like a universal annoyance.  The Tile app & trackers help people quickly find the things that matter most to them. Tile offers a solution for items lost inside your home and when you’re out and about.  This relatively inexpensive solution reduces the issue of searching for common household items. And, through an ingenious network of fellow users, helps you track down items miles from home.


How does Tile Tracker work? How Do I find my Keys?

Tile uses bluetooth to communicate between the tile pieces and your smartphone. Both Apple & Android devices work with Tile.

After downloading the Tile app from the App store or Google Play, you can quickly load up the app & pair your tile device.

You can specify device names in the setup, for multiple tiles

Once your setup, you attach the tile to your item (keys, laptop etc…) & your good to go. When you misplace the item, go to the app and tap on find my item. If you’re within 400 ft your tile will ring loudly, letting you know where the misplaced item has wandered to.

Bonus feature: Tile works in the opposite direction. if you misplace your phone, you can double click your tile button & it will ring your phone… even if your phone is in silent mode


Tiles Trackers also feature:

  • A Ruggedized design – they’re hard to break
  • Water resistant (not waterproof)
  • A Replaceable coin battery – it should last about a year
  • Using Siri, Alexa & Google home to communicate to your tile
  • Sharing your service with one additional person
  • About  400 ft bluetooth range, on the Tile Pro
  • A variety of sizes, to fit the item your tracking

What if I lost something away from home?

When you misplace your tile tracker (& the item attached to it), you can use the map feature to look for it.  Through bluetooth, the Tile app periodically stays in touch with your Tile. When the tile is out of range, the app records the last spot of the tile. The tile map then shows you the last location of your tile, before it lost contact with your phone. The map will even guide you back to spot.


Try the “Community Find” Feature

If you’re still unable to find your tile/item the community find feature utilizes the greater Tile app community. With over 10 million tiles sold, Tile leverages fellow app users.

By selecting “Notify Me” any tile app user who passes near your tile/item will anonymously send location information to your map. Big emphasis on anonymity here.  No data is gathered & no information is sold. Community Find is a clever way to leverage the large base of Tile users, to help the greater community.


Tile Premium

For additional perks,  $30 extra gets you:

  • Replaceable batteries each year
  • 30 days of tracking history on your tile
  • Smart alerts (still in beta)
  • Extended warranties from 1 year to 3
  • Priority customer service