Sunnyvale, CA, May 26, 2022 – Tickeron inc., the quant-sourced marketplace for AI stock trading tools, introduces a new feature that allows any user to make a quantitative analysis of two or three companies in one click.

In a period of high volatility and uncertainty that has arisen in the stock market due to economic and geopolitical problems, investors and traders need tools that can help them make a high-quality analysis of a company’s financial condition and determine the optimal point for buying their stocks. Our new “Compare” feature is a great way to compare two or three stocks, like aapl vs goog or msft vs amzn, to evaluate how they reacted to volatility and change in market conditions. It is so easy that even retail traders can do such comparisons.

Tickeron provides a comparative analysis of the following parameters:

1. Long-Term Analysis allows users to assess the financial stability and long-term prospects for the growth of a company’s business. To do this, Tickeron uses a comprehensive system of quantitative fundamental ratings – Valuation, P/E Growth, SMR (Sales, Margin, Revenue), Seasonality score, etc. The rating values are summed up in the Fundamental Analysis (FA) Score, with which users can easily choose the best company to invest in.

2. Short-Term Analysis is based on the key methods of technical analysis. Every day our mathematical algorithms calculate such trend indicators and oscillators as Momentum, RSI, Bollinger Bands, etc. The results of the calculations are combined into Technical Analysis (TA) Score, which can be used to determine which of the stocks has formed the optimal timing for buying.

In addition to our analysis, on the “Compare” page you can find two sets of the necessary data for each company – price charts, financial statements, descriptions and comparative analysis of the industries that the companies belong to.

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