Tickeron Inc releases AI Robots Buy/Sell Alerts, that allow users to customize trading alerts and track profit by trading autonomously through AI algorithms.


Reno, NV, May 19, 2021 – Tickeron Inc, a Reno-based artificial and human intelligence platform delivering unparalleled trading insights and analysis, is proud to provide a fresh take on stock trading.

According to PR Newswire: “This valuable technology is making it easier to not only keep tabs on all the buy and sell recommendations provided by Tickeron’s AI, but also to track the price of the ticker after it is bought or sold. This portfolio feature allows users to be sure that their custom buy and sell alerts generate profit without putting real money on the line.”

Tickeron Inc provides a wide variety of trading tools and stock screener services to customers. To learn more about Tickeron Inc, visit their website at www.tickeron.com.

PR Newswire continues to state that, “Tickeron’s AI analyzes a vast amount of data and segregates it to form unbiased buy or sell signals. “AI Robots” are automated trading rooms where AI makes trades based on several neural networks. A user can adjust their selection of tickers from the given list to edit the expected number of trades per day and/or other statistics. A user can see live how the AI Robots tool selects equities and enters and exits in paper trades.”

As per the PR Newswire release for AI Robots — “AI Robots are recommended for advanced users conducting frequent trades. However, a beginner user can easily set up buy and sell alerts without an AI Robot, and set their desired trading frequency. All Tickeron Robots trade without human involvement or decision-making. The Buy/Sell Alert Robot uses our groundbreaking technology to condense trading recommendations in an easy-to-track portfolio,” said Sergey Savastiouk, CEO and Founder of Tickeron. “This feature allows users to see how much profit they would make had they applied the alerts to their real-money portfolios.’

About Tickeron: Tickeron is an artificial and human intelligence platform delivering unparalleled trading insights and analysis to self-directed investors and investment advisors. To learn more about Tickeron, please visit tickeron.com. Follow Tickeron on the following channels: Twitter, YouTube, Stocktwits, and Google News.

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Contact Info:

Name: Sergey Savasitouk
Organization: Tickeron Inc
Address: Tickeron Inc, 200 S. Virginia St, 8 Floor, Reno, NV, 89501
Phone: 4084997971
Website: www.tickeron.com