Thurston Comprehensive Dental Center has rebranded to Encompass Dental and Wellness.


Auburndale, FL, June 8, 2023— Thurston Comprehensive Dental Center has undergone a rebrand. The Florida-based dental and wellness center now goes by Encompass Dental and Wellness.

The team put in a lot of effort and love into rebranding the company. Encompass decided to rebrand to an identity that would more accurately portray the company’s values of providing services beyond the dental world. 

The rebrand helps to represent a welcoming and compassionate spirit that fosters a sense of community, while also exuding professionalism and expertise. A fresh look ensures that the company will be able to reach out to serve more clients, thus helping more people achieve total body wellness.

The new name may usher Encompass into the modern era, but the core values of the company remain the same. 

“Everything you’ve know and come to expect from Thurston Dental remains the same, just with a different look and feel. We are still dedicated to serving our clients with the utmost care and dedication,” said Dr. Fredrick Thurston with Encompass Dental and Wellness.

Encompass Dental and Wellness stands out from other companies largely in part due to their extensive array of services offered.

Encompass goes beyond dental care. The mouth is merely the first step on the path towards total body wellness. With the goal of total body harmony in mind, Encompass offers services such as sleep apnea treatments, botox, lip enhancements, and much more.

Sleep can be a major contributor to overall body wellness, after all, we spend one third of our lives sleeping! 

Encompass offers a variety of services aimed at improving your sleep. A sleep evaluation can offer the team better insight as to the quality of your sleep. An overnight examination can help the team track your sleep and get a better idea as to what is going in your body and mind.

Encompass also offers other non invasive sleep solutions such as vivos therapeutics, non invasive sleep therapy, an in depth sleep study and more.

“I was really hesitant at first when I heard about this place, but I am so glad that I went to Encompass. The staff there is so friendly and caring, I can’t recommend these guys enough!” said one Florida resident.

Looking to join the family at Encompass Dental and Wellness? Joining has never been easier, simply go to the Encompass website and fill out the new patient form, and you will be on your way to achieving total body wellness!

About Encompass Dental and Wellness:

We aim for you and your family to find quality dentistry, caring professionals, and an inviting atmosphere in our state-of-the-art practice. Encompass Dental and Wellness has designed a dental experience built around patient comfort and based on lasting, functional, and aesthetic dentistry. Our Family Dentistry primarily serves Auburndale, Polk County, and surrounding areas in the Central, FL area.

Contact Information:

Barbara Scott
Encompass Dental and Wellness
308 East Park Street Auburndale, FL 33823
(863) 967-7548