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It is important when moving house that you plan every step of the way to avoid unforeseen problems. Moving house is a great opportunity for many of us, and getting away from a stale environment to a new one is just what many of us need.

When moving house though, there are some things you need to consider and plan. It can be a stressful few days of your life and you likely won’t get much sleep, but by asking yourself these questions you’ll at least make this period of time less stressful for all.

Where will you sleep?

It is crucial to ask yourself when you get the keys to a new house where you will sleep on the first night. The bed should be the first thing to bring into your new house; however if you have a brand-new one for delivery, you need somewhere to get some rest. Consider buying an inflatable bed for use during your move, and save it for emergencies in the future.

Who will help you?

When planning your big move to a new house it is important for you to consider who will help you make the move. You might have family or friends who live close by but if they are working they might not be able to help you move. Be sure that you plan out your time well and try to get some support with moving even if only for an hour or two from your family or friends. Once everything is in the new house you won’t need to worry – but until then, it is all hands on deck!

How many days will you need?

If you decide to choose a Wednesday moving day, it might require you to take a day off work for the move. However, often a move takes more than one day and this might be where you decide to take a few days off to try and organize as much as you can. Consider how much you need to bring to the new house and what essentials need to be installed and book time off to get this done. It will make your life much easier if you have a working TV, bed, shower, cooker and fridge!

Will you drive in your car?

When moving to a new house, one thing a lot of us don’t consider is transporting our car or cars. If there are only a few of you making the move and you have hired a van for the day- you might not want to also go back to pick up your cars and bring them back. Cars Relo is a service that will bring your car to you at your new place and save you the stress.

What will you eat?

The most important question to ask during a stressful move is what will you eat? Food is important as fuel and you want to make sure you have plenty to eat during the move. Get yourself a cooler bag of box and some healthy sandwiches and finger food for the move to keep your strength up.