At TheraSpeak, they know that every person is different, which is why they take the time to get to know you and learn about your goals during a free 30-minute evaluation. Their mission is to help you improve your communication and thinking skills by offering a premier online speech therapy app.


Blythewood, SC, Jan 18, 2022 — Speech language pathologist Astrid Fridriksson, M.A., CCC/SLP., Julius Fridriksson (Ph.D.), and Roger D. Newman-Norlund (Ph.D.) have built and launched a premiere suite of online speech therapy apps for stroke patients.
TheraSpeak provides personalized speech and cognitive therapy for adults with communication or thinking problems associated with stroke, dementia, traumatic brain injury, or coronavirus. The services provided by the app are grounded in state-of-the-art science, and their team has combined over 40 years of experience providing compassionate help to maximize recovery.

TheraSpeak offers diverse services to help you improve your communication skills. You may schedule a free online speech evaluation with one of their trained speech-language pathologists. During that 30-minute online session, they will evaluate your current language and cognitive abilities and determine whether you will benefit from online speech therapy with their staff, – better known as a TheraSESSION, or a simple and easy-to-use online therapy game, called TheraPRACTICE, or both. After that initial session, you will be free to choose whichever approach works best with your current goals and lifestyle. However, if you are only interested in TheraPRACTICE, you may purchase it directly and skip the free online assessment. The choice is yours! They are always there to help, and always a phone call away!

What are the qualities and differences between each of their services? It’s simple.

TheraPRACTICE is an advanced speech therapy app for stroke patients that offers a variety of features that will help you improve your speech and language skills. TheraPRACTICE includes a variety of modules with a wide range of tasks to address word finding, language comprehension, following directions, and other cognitive functions. Plus, their fun and vibrant user interface will keep you entertained while you work! A free trial of TheraPRACTICE is available on their website ( If you think TheraPRACTICE is right for you, you may purchase a package that works with your budget. For some TheraPRACTICE will be the way to go because it can be done at your own pace, while others may want to try TheraSESSION on its own or combined with TheraPRACTICE. TheraSESSION is virtual, one-on- one therapy with a speech language pathologist done from the comfort of your home. An individualized plan will be developed by the speech language pathologist to best address your needs. . You can now have professional, one-on-one speech therapy for aphasia, or any other speech issue, and choose from a variety of plans, whether it’s a 1 session of 50 minutes, five sessions, or ten sessions.

For some, TheraPRACTICE will be the way to go because it can be done at your own pace, while others may want to work with a therapist using TheraSESSION on its own or combined with TheraPRACTICE.

TheraSpeak users can expect to experience meaningful change in their language abilities. The testimonials of current users speak for themselves, like Steven, a 44-year-old stroke survivor who shared this review on their site: “After working with TheraSpeak for over three weeks, it is now much easier for me to come up with the right words.”

Don’t wait any longer, and get started today by scheduling a free one-on-one speech evaluation session. Their team of speech-language professionals will create your personal treatment plan and assist with implementation. It’s time to get your speech confidence back with

Please contact TheraSpeak staff using the contact form on their website if you have any questions or trouble using their system. Someone from their team will get back to you as soon as possible.

*One-on-one TheraSESSIONs are only available in the following states: Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Utah, Wisconsin, South Carolina.*

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Phone: 803-414-5123
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