, a cannabis industry-related consultancy based in Oklahoma, brings over twenty years of experience to its role advising heads of cannabis-related companies on issues related to leadership, management, operations, competition, and marketing.

Catoosa, OK, March 4, 2020 – With all of the changes related to cannabis decriminalization and legalization taking place across the country, and around the world, and with so many new players entering the market, it can be difficult for companies in the industry to fully understand all of the relevant legislative and market issues. This is where thedispensarydoctor comes in.

Thedispensarydoctor advises the heads of cannabis and hemp companies all across the country, helping them over particularly tricky legal or competitive hurdles.

Thedispensarydoctor was started by Nico Nathan, an entrepreneur who enjoys helping businesses focus on becoming growth-driven, forward-thinking organizations. With a background in change management and strategic planning, Nico has experience addressing issues related to leadership, marketing efficiency, brand awareness, daily operations, and the promotion of a strong bond between the community and industry.

Nico has served many businesses and organizations in many roles, serving at various times as CEO, Strategic Advisor, Executive Director, and Independent Consultant. He has been involved in the cannabis industry, and working toward legalization, since 2007, and is passionate about the emergence of the industry as a new business frontier.  His commitment to the prosperity of his clients is manifested in the personal stake he feels in the success of every one of them.

Often, clients approach thedispensarydoctor at the most critical times for their companies, a situation that brings with it a tremendous sense of responsibility to get things right, as well as an undying commitment to deliver quality solutions. Because decisions made during these key periods are so vital for companies to get right, thedispensarydoctor feels this is a tremendous responsibility.

Whether they are providing their clients specific, one-off services, or are retained for the entire duration of a particular process or project, thedispensarydoctor brings the combined experience of partnering with hundreds of trusted professionals, including many of the most accomplished and respected companies in the industry.

With a range of services that include everything from compliance checklists and industry comparisons, to reputation audits and marketing reviews, brand awareness and operations assessments, thedispensarydoctor draws on more than twenty years of experience as the leading expert in the cannabis industry. For any company seeking dispensary marketing helpdispensary management, or dispensary consulting, thedispensarydoctor is the only name you need to know.  

About the Company: Thedispensarydoctor is a nationwide consulting firm specializing in operational excellence and brand management for dispensaries, growers, processors, and ancillary services in the Cannabis Industry. Whether you are just getting started or have begun experiencing the pains of growth, we provide professional guidance and resources to repair your business from the inside-out. We are with you through the entire process and our services include coaching and training, marketing automation, and access to industry resources. We can help make the difference in your success.

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Name: Nico Nathan
Address: 3118 Manchester St., Catoosa, OK 74015
Phone: (812) 249-0109