Ultimate Skincare Routine


Time is never an ally when it comes to the aspect of the body. However, with a good skin care routine for your 30s that is adapted to your age and skin type, you can have a great looking complexion even later in life. Some women are stunning and look even twenty years younger than their age. A question these women get a lot is, “how do you do it?”. While there is always a long answer to this question, the short one is about consistency. And a skincare routine followed rigorously (if not religiously!).

Each decade comes associated with specific changes at the level of the aesthetics of the body and the face. If in our 20s, the skin looks close to perfection in many cases, as the years pass by, small imperfections become more and more visible. In the 30s, the skin needs special care to avoid premature aging.

Changes at the Level of the Skin in the 30s

The early 30s is often the time when women start noticing the first changes at the level of the face. Wrinkles and spots occur as a result of excessive sun exposure. Dark circles under the eyes and visible pores are just some of the issues that can arise during this time.

The aspect of the face changes depending on many factors. Among them, we can mention the genetic predisposition. Also, the level of care and even the skin type we have can make a difference. For example, dry skin will show the first signs of wrinkles before oily skin. An unbalanced lifestyle with sleepless nights, plenty of alcohol and junk food can also leave its marks at the level of the skin, especially in the 30s.

For women, at this time, the level of the hormones is starting to decrease. Also, there is a reduction in collagen production. This explains the changes that can occur at the level of the skin. The hyperpigmentation that can occur after pregnancy or sun exposure without protection, as well as the dark circles under the eyes can start happening in the early 30s.

Skin Care Routine for the 30s

Proper skin care is essential to help the skin maintain its firmness and glow. Four steps should be considered the basis of the skin care routine if you are in your 30s. By adopting this routine, you can prevent the signs of aging from showing up too early and to improve the condition of your skin.

Step 1: Cleansing, Toning, and Hydration

Even if it looks like there are three different steps, when you are in your 30s, this is just as essential as washing your face every day. The cleansing, toning, and hydration is a three steps process when you are in your 20s when this is more than enough in terms of skincare. But, as mentioned before, things change considerably with the 30s, and more care is necessary.

The cleansing and toning part can be unified and simplified by using micellar water, a solution preferred by many women nowadays. If you prefer different products for cleansing and toning, make sure to choose them according to your skin type. Sensitive skin requires special care, and the same goes for oily or dry skin. For hydration purposes, you can use a cream or natural oil, depending on your taste and budget.

Step 2: Night Cream

If you were not too bothered with this in your 20s, now is a great time to say hello to the night cream. Just like in the case of the other products, you should choose it according to your skin type and the results you are trying to achieve with it. Some night creams focus on better hydration; others fight wrinkles, and so on.

Step 3: Eye Cream

Since you’ve just been introduced to the night cream, there is another special guest in your skin care routine if you are in your 30s and this is the eye cream. Keep in mind that the first signs of aging often occur at the level of the eyes. Keeping the area hydrated and adequately moisturized is essential. Most products that are meant for the face shouldn’t be applied to the eye area. Make sure to choose a cream that is designed to address this area in particular.

Step 4: Sunscreen

Being out in the sun all day long is probably a symbol of youth and freedom recognized by most societies. However, if this was an option in your 20s, it is certainly not recommended in your 30s, not if you want to have a youthful, glowing appearance. Sunscreen creams are recommended to be used daily. It doesn’t matter if you are in the sun for just a few minutes. Sunscreen is meant to protect your skin from excessive sun exposure by limiting the sun’s damaging effects such as premature aging and depigmentation.

The skin care routine for your 30s should also cover the neck and cleavage areas. The wrinkles and imperfections can occur there too and betray your real age.