London, England, 22 December 2020 – Founded in January 2019 by Rebeca Riofrio and preceded by an inaugural ceremony in June 2019 hosted by Lord Zac Goldsmith at the Palace of Westminster, the Parliamentary Society for Arts, Fashion and Sports aims to integrate creative young minds from the ARTS, FASHION and SPORTS industries with the UK government. A collaborative partnership that will seek to guard and guide their respective interests on a local, regional and national platform.

It is through this Society that we aim to make young artistic minds active and responsible stakeholders with a sense of national awareness. To this end, we hope to reach out and build a bridge of trust among thousands of young people across the UK.

In the current political climate, it is understandable that the British youngsters today have seemingly lost total trust to the extent of becoming disillusioned and hence detached!

Sadly, this results in horrendous consequences, for instance, the number of young people voting amounted to less than 50% compared to the over 65’s who tolled in at 78%.

One of the Society’s value is to be open, frank and transparent without any political insulation or without ‘fear or favour’. That we believe will create trust and belief that the voice of the ‘younger generation’ can be effectively heard!

Our network is wide, vast & and infinite which includes government officials, ambassadors, ex-prime ministers, doctors, barristers, actors, dancers, designers, sports personalities, models, painters, singers, creative designers and many others and this collectively adds up to millions of active followers who can contribute to making a difference.

An additional aim of our society is to address, create and convey articles on our Parliament News Magazine to the appropriate government officials and the general public, on a variety of issues and problems facing the youth like; modern human trafficking, modern slavery, drugs, financial and other issues affecting all who are concerned, especially those who are seeking or pursuing a career in the UK Arts Fashion and sports industry. At the same time with this publication, we are promoting, profiling and exalting remarkable people in the arts, fashion and sports from the U.K., and around the world.

To this end, we are also creating a link between modern UK young artistic/sport people and the government utilising periodical meetings, talks, seminars and other social/political activities.

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