It can be challenging deciding which envelope is right for shipping. The options can seem endless, how do you know which envelope is right for your company? Luckily there is one type of envelope that stands above the rest: Tyvek envelopes.

Keep reading to learn why a Tyvek envelope, is hand down the best shipping envelope out there.


The name Tyvek is the name of synthetic material. This material was created by the DuPont company in 1955 and is made out of polyethylene fibers that are highly-dense. What makes this material so unique is its ability to be both strong and lightweight.

Since this material is so sturdy, Tyvek is usually used for a number of products in addition to mailing supplies. Tyvek works as a protective seal on a number of products like medical packaging, car covers, weather barriers for buildings and houses, long term storage for packaging, and protective apparel.

This material is incredibly moisture resistant and durable and comprised of polyethylene fibers that are densely woven. Tyvek envelopes are already used by the U.S. Postal Service in cases of Priority Mail and Express Mail. You can also buy these envelopes in bulk and customize them for your business.


Since Tyvek envelopes are so durable, they have many benefits. Here’s a closer look at the perks of using a Tyvek envelope over a plain manila one.


These envelopes are more lightweight than a standard envelope but still offer a strong protective coating. In fact, Tyvek envelopes are one of the lightest mailing options around.


Tyvek’s coating creates a barrier to moisture & water making it the perfect weather-proof package.


The envelope’s strong but lightweight coating also allows this packaging to stand up to wear and tear. Tyvek envelopes are also puncture & burst resistant, which means they are perfect to reuse over and over again for interoffice mail and bulky items.

Tyvek envelopes are ten times stronger and sturdier than paper envelops. At the same time they can easily be cut in half with scissors.


You might think that since the coating is synthetic that you can’t write on these envelopes, when actually you can. Using a sharpie or pen you can post notes on it OR they can be custom printed in 1-4 colors.


You also might be surprised to learn that even with Tyvek’s coating, you can still recycle them. But know that you can’t just throw them out in your office’s blue recycling bin. You need to dispose of these envelopes by using Tyvek’s nationwide recycling program that is managed by Waste Management.

These envelopes are hundred percent recyclable and are transformed into objects that are useful like decking and park benches.


Tyvek envelopes are also cost-efficient. Since these envelopes are so durable, a lot of items can be shipped in a smaller expansion Tyvek envelope instead of using bigger, bulkier, and more expensive boxes.


Tyvek envelopes have a sleek and unique appearance, with a distinctive look and feel making them the “cadillac” of envelopes. Tyvek envelopes come in various sizes and colors that are perfect for shipping any promotional material for your business. Your company’s logo or message can be printed on the envelope for a unique pop of detail.


Another great aspect of Tyvek is these envelopes also increase the security of your package. Since the material is tear-resistant and durable, it’s ideal for sending documents that are important, private and / or legal. You also know that your package will get to where it needs to go in one piece.


The items you ship like marketing packets, apparel, medical history, estate plans, etc. are valuable, not to mention the labor cost to put your package together. You don’t want to risk your package getting ripped open or damaged. This would double the cost of your package making you have to spend more money to resend the whole thing.

When you send packages in Tyvek envelopes, you reduce this risk greatly, and in turn, save money on potential replacement packages.


In addition to you being able to print your company’s logo on these sleek envelopes, Tyvek also allows you to pick from any side ranging from #10 letter, jumbo size, and document size, all with expansion. Often companies will replace boxes with Tyvek envelopes, which can also be custom printed in various colors to help your brand’s business.


Now let’s take a second to see how Tyvek compares with what is already out there.


These envelopes are closely matched to document size Tyvek envelopes. Both of these envelopes are made out of a durable blend of polyethylene, and both are lightweight and moisture resistant. But Tyvek envelopes are still more durable, easier to reseal, and can hold brand graphics longer during the mail process.


These paper envelopes look similar to Tyvek envelopes, and that’s pretty much the only thing these two envelopes have in common. Kraft paper weighs more, isn’t moisture or tear-resistant, and is less durable. You really only want to use these envelopes to mail letters.


Now that you know the many benefits of using a Tyvek envelope, isn’t it time you made the switch? If you want something to be shipped securely, safely and make an impression to the recipient of the package, then there’s no better choice than Tyvek envelopes. For more help with shipping, contact us today.