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Based out of Aurora, CO, Pinnacle Roofing Associates prides itself on providing a full and expansive range of roofing services for customers in the Denver Metro area, including interior painting. As professional interior painters, we’re required to keep ourselves educated when it comes to the latest color trends. That way, we can help guide our customers to make the absolute best aesthetic choice for their home. Every year, new colors and tastes come along. Here, we’ll be taking a look at the top 10 paint color trends for home interiors in 2021.

10. Dayflower

Dayflower is a calm and reassuring bright blue tone that will provide a soft and pleasant accouterment for your interior.

9. Euphoric Magenta

Euphoric Magenta is a surprisingly gracious shade of purple that will effortlessly add a bold and vibrant beauty to your home.

8. Broadway

Broadway is a resilient and safe tone on the darker end of the spectrum that will provide a strong color foundation for any room.

7. Caribe

Caribe is a steady and engaging blue tone that will help you focus in the day and keep your thoughts from racing at night.

6. Seaside Villa

Seaside Villa is an elegant tone with a unique subtlety about it, providing a light whimsicality that will soften and brighten your home.

5. Royal Orchard

Royal Orchard is a safe and secure tone with restorative properties, providing an earthy glow that will bring your home some natural balance.

4. Kalahari Sunset

Kalahari Sunset is expressive and rich, a bold tone that will bring the warmth and vibrancy of the setting sun into your home’s interior.

3. Nocturne Blue

Nocturne blue is a calming tone, providing a feeling that is both stable and refined. It will likely remind one of a peaceful night’s sleep.

2. Canyon Dusk

Canyon Dusk is a harmonious and incredibly earthy tone, featuring a slight glow that is reminiscent of dusk.

1. Ultimate Gray and Illuminating

For our final pick, we’re going with the two shades that were recently announced to be the Pantone Colors of the Year in 2021. These two shades are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. Together, these two shades have been deemed the most popular of the year, and it’s not hard to see why. The juxtaposition of Illuminating’s bold and bright yellow with Ultimate Gray’s sturdy and solid gray creates a palette that both catches the eye and warms the soul. As well, the color combination has a striking modernity that will keep homeowners on the cutting edge. See what our exact top 10 paint color picks for 2021 look like here.

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Pinnacle Roofing Associates offers all of these shades and more, providing Colorado homeowners with the most up-to-date and charismatic color trends currently available. If you’re looking for professional interior painting services in the Denver Metro area, we’ve got you covered with independent and local care that you can trust. The areas we service include:

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Why Should You Hire a Professional Painter?

There are many reasons that a homeowner may want to hire a professional painter, whether it’s simply to save time or because they want to get the job done as effectively as possible. Professional painters can provide high-quality and fast results, with an eye for the little details that can turn a paint job from good to perfect. They’ll also have the right tools for the job! Finally, professional painters are licensed and insured, which means that you won’t have to worry about accidentally causing any damage to your loved ones or your home by trying to do the job yourself.

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