The Shuk Market Place is changing the shopping game by providing you with a world of commerce through their revolutionary app. 


New Jersey, United States – January 21, 2021 – Online shopping is all the rage these days, however, the internet can be a big, confusing place. Luckily, now you can find all your shopping needs on one convenient app! The Shuk, which is based out of New Jersey, offers the consumer a place to shop for clothing, toys, and even food! What is most exciting about the Shuk is that they work exclusively with small boutique businesses! In discussing the origins of the company, the CEO of The Shuk said “When we created this app, our goal was to help out small businesses by providing them with a network to sell their goods.” However, this app is not just for people to buy from businesses, anybody can sell their goods on The Shuk Market Place! Building up a reputation as a small business owner is no easy task, but with The Shuk app, purchasers can provide reviews and ratings for the sellers. With this feature, you can trust who you are buying from because the ratings will be coming from other app users.

The app has many convenient features that makes buying and selling on the marketplace stress-free! After creating an account and entering your account information, you will have access to the marketplace. You can search for your goods by what type of items you are searching for, or from whom you would like to buy from. The app even allows you to create your own listings at your own prices! Once you find that perfect item you have been searching for, you can add it to your cart and continue shopping, or you can buy it now and be on your way. To ensure the smoothest transactions possible, you can direct message other users of the app to discuss the marketplace. 

By far, the least epic part of online shopping is waiting for your package to arrive. With The Shuk Market Place app, you can track your orders from the moment they leave the seller’s hands, right up until it arrives on your doorstep! “Nobody wants to be in the dark as to where their package is, so we decided to create a tracking aspect on our app to maintain peace of mind for our customers.” says one representative from The Shuk. 

The Shuk Market Place has sought out to bring small businesses together on one convenient platform, and they have accomplished this goal with their easy to use app!

About the Shuk Market Place:

The Shuk Market Place is based out of New Jersey in the United States. With the help of Brainyapps, they were able to create The Shuk Market Place app, where people can buy and sell items hassle-free. In an unforgiving world of commerce, this app is designed to promote small businesses. For more information, visit The Shuk’s website at today!

Did we mention it’s FREE to sign up? 

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