What if you could support women by simply purchasing a bar of soap?

What if your purchase helped to support over 700 Ghanaian women?

What if that same purchase helped to quadruple a woman’s income?

What if you found out that your favorite Chunk and Skin Stick came from the very company that supports Ghanaian women, boosting their income up to four times in a season?

What if you learned that the company helping these women is Perfectly Posh?

Perfectly Posh

Perfectly Posh produces naturally-based, self-care pampering products. All of the Posh products are manufactured in the United States, and all of Posh’s products are cruelty-free. Posh believes in simplicity, and each item Posh makes is free of harmful ingredients and full of beneficial ingredients like essential oils, flowers, and nuts. Posh believes in transparency and encourages you to read the labels. Why? Because if a product contains only the good stuff, why not share what’s good with the world?

You Deserve It

If Perfectly Posh could share all of the ingredients in its products, why stop there? Why not continue to share, but this time, instead of sharing labels, they’d share by giving back?

With the development of the You Deserve It foundation, Perfectly Posh’s charity, the company set out to do big things. Ann Dalton, the Founder and CEO of Perfectly Posh created the charity to “…help improve the lives of women everywhere by providing temporary relief in the form of pampering—a moment to catch their breath.” Posh will gather its “energy, resources, time, and talents to rally around causes and organizations that help women with a hand up in their lives” (Ann Dalton¹).

Posh began to team up with organizations that helped to improve the lives of women, and soon, women all over the world started to feel empowered. A feeling of togetherness helped forge a community of understanding and partnership — a sisterhood.

The Shea Sisterhood Co-Op

In 2018, Perfectly Posh and the You Deserve It foundation teamed up with the Global Shea Alliance to help raise money, support, and empower some of the women who were harvesting shea in Ghana. With the development of the Shea Sisterhood Co-Op, Posh hoped that women in Ghana would soon “earn up to 46% more for their shea; learn and use sustainable shea practices; get needed equipment and training, and improve their community standing” (Perfectly Posh²). And that is exactly what happened. The Shea Sisterhood Co-Op formed, and Posh developed and sold a Chunk made from Ghanaian-harvested shea. Each sale from the Always Ghana Love You™ Chunk earned money for the Shea Sisterhood. Soon, more products containing shea from the Shea Sisterhood were released, and every sale of the Giant Healer™ Skin Stick and Tribe Vibe™ Traditional African Black Soap also helped to give back to the Shea Sisterhood Co-Op. Because Posh’s customers care, the Co-Op continues to do big things.

The Posh Pink Shea Sisterhood Warehouse

In March 2019, the Global Shea Alliance, with the support of the Shea Sisterhood Co-Op opened a warehouse and shea processing center in Gizaa-Gundaa, Ghana just in time for the 2019 shea season. This center will help “Over 600 women…utilize this space for their work this year and the years to come, effectively quadrupling their income each season… 90% of Posh products are made with sustainable shea butter, and…with your continued purchases of Always Ghana Love You™, Giant Healer™, and Tribe Vibe,™ Posh will continue their work with the Shea Sisterhood” (“You Did This: A First Look at the Posh Pink Shea Sisterhood Warehouse”³) to create products made with sustainable shea, and continue to support women and their families.

In 2019 and beyond, support the women who support other women. It’s a simple concept that everyone can embrace. Visit Perfectly Posh to learn more about the Shea Sisterhood or to find out how you can be a part of a team of people who work together to create a sustainable lifestyle for the betterment of women in Ghana.