The Sacred Gates is offering free Insight Readings with any personalized healing purchases for first time customers.


Unites States, September 14, 2022 — There has always been a need for healing, yet not all healing lineages have withstood the tests of time in order to strengthen those who seek it.

Healing lineages need protection in order to survive. This is where The Life Mastery Guild must be named. The Guild is responsible for helping support many different lineages throughout time.

“And while their goal is singular, The Life Mastery Guild works with multidimensional unerring accuracy in guiding their students to their own realization of this singular purpose –  Higher Self actualization,” said one master healer.

If not for The Guild, the Tayshara lineage would have fallen like so many. Yet, the Tayshara lineage is stronger than ever, ready to serve clients that seek to become more intimate with their Spiritual Self, heal themselves and awaken communication with their Higher Self.

To show their gratitude, The Sacred Gates are offering something special for new clients. Those purchasing their first ever personalized healing can enjoy a complimentary Insight spiritual reading.

Insight Readings give voice to your Higher Self in a way that you can hear, sharing valuable insights relevant to your current position in life. Customers can have a select number of questions answered by the team. 

These insights are related to your mental, physical, spiritual, and energetic health.

“The Sacred Gates reading was very accurate and shed a lot of light on the issues I’ve been experiencing. Illura provided a lot of great advice tailored for me specifically as well. She is a very compassionate person, which shows through her communications and writing,” said one satisfied customer.

This is a $175 value that customers can get for FREE! 

The Sacred Gates serves clients from all over the world, it does not matter where you live.

The Sacred Gates offers various kinds of healing such as family healing, child healing, animal healing, manifestation healing, and more.

“lllura prepared for me a very detailed and comprehensive reading with instructions on how to go forward, mostly through body work – because I am stuck in my head too much, but also about a change of perspective and advice that was so accurate and helpful to me. Thank you so much!” said a client who benefitted from the healing services. 

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About The Sacred Gates:

The Sacred Gates are a circle of Master Healers and High-level Adepts who serve as guardians and protectors of the ancient healing lineage known as Tayshara. Illura, practitioner and healer of the Tayshara lineage, is a multidimensional channel to The Sacred Gates; providing high quality healing and excellent customer care.

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