Let’s talk crowd psychology. If you are having a hard time keeping show attendees engaged, you are not alone. Studies show that the average person’s attention span is no more than seven to 10 minutes long. That’s only if they are interested in the topic you are speaking about!

If they are uninterested in your topic, the average “monkey mind” will only focus on you for a matter of seconds before they lose interest again. It is essential to understand crowd psychology in order to keep your audience engaged in what you have to say.

So the problem is, how can you keep your audience interested as you speak so that you ensure your talk is productive, landing more clients and gaining more sales?

The answer lays within your body language, and the other non-verbal cues you use during your presentations. Keep reading to learn the best crowd psychology tricks of the trade and have the most engaging presentation, ever!

Note Your Body Language

According to research, communication is 55% is body language. Meanwhile, 38% is the tone of your voice and only 7% is attributed to the actual words you say. Due to the pressures of western society, our minds have become so busy that we have a harder time paying attention to something that we feel is not worth our time.

Have you ever been to a presentation where the speaker is explaining a topic that you have no interest in, however, you find yourself completely engaged in their talk?

That is because they are using proven crowd psychology methods with other forms of communication. They have perfected the blend between the words they say, the way they move, and the tone of their voice.

Use the Entire Stage

There is nothing more boring than watching someone speak while hiding behind the podium. Instead, walk around the stage, left to right, stand in the center, standing tall and proud.

Commanding the space will gain respect from your audience. Instinctively for survival, we pay attention to those who seem confident and know the way, rather than being wimpy and hiding.

Use a Power Pose

As you speak, pay attention to your body language. Planting your feet strong, and having a straight spine with your shoulders back exudes confidence and demands respect from your audience.

This same exact pose is how you save yourself from being attacked by a wild mountain lion: staying calm, but appearing larger than life.

Speak With Your Body

Now that you understand where you should be on stage and how you should stand, it is important to understand what to do while you are talking. Your physical expression is how you can captivate your audience.

A few key pointers for physical expression are:

  • Keep your hands visible, never hiding them, or putting them in your pockets.
  • Move calmly, avoid looking erratic.
  • Use enthusiasm but do not go over the top.
  • Move your arms, but keep them centered. Try not to flail them above your head.
  • Keep your elbows bent at a 45-degree angle.
  • Maintain eye contact and do not look at the floor.

These non-verbal cues will help you to appear strong, confident, and convincing. Watch this trade show demo video to see some of these non-verbal cues in action.

Learn More About How to Use Crowd Psychology in Your Presentations

Try practicing these new techniques in the mirror until you feel confident with using them on stage. Remember that we all start somewhere and the more you practice, the more convincing your presentations will become.

If you would like to learn more crowd psychology tips like these or need a professional to come to rock your trade show booth, feel free to contact me at any time.

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