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Did you know that currently, about 42% of Americans are working from home? As the coronavirus continues to affect the world, office, and work environments have to quickly change to meet the challenge.

If you are planning your office needs for 2021, you are likely wondering what future offices will be like? How can you choose the right equipment, such as the perfect printer, to meet your future needs?

Why not take a minute to learn more about the latest printers and their specifications. You might find that the perfect printer that can adapt to your changing needs is already here.


When assessing what home office printers are available, we suggest that you start with the Brother HL-L8360CDW. This is a workhorse that packs great functionality yet retains portability if you move locations.

It is a fast laser printer with a large paper and toner capacity. As you would expect from a laser printer, it is designed to print quantity over fine quality. This means that it might not be the best choice for printing hi-definition images such as photographs. However, for everyday office use, this is your best bet.


If you run a small business and need to print large amounts of documents, the Epson EcoTank Pro ET-16650 is an excellent choice for you. While the name suggests an economic tank, this is not because it holds back in any way.

This is an economic printer because it comes with two years of unlimited free ink. This not only means that you have almost unlimited printing capacity but that you can run this printer with very low running costs.

It comes with security features, connectivity options, and even an auto-duplexing function.


This is a very high-quality inkjet printer that provides a range of specifications at a reasonably low price. If you are running a home office, this may be the best option for you.

It has auto-duplexing facilities and prints fine quality images. This makes it ideal for photograph printing. The ink silo offers you 18,000 pages of printing before you will need a refill.

If you have used Canon printers in the past, you will notice that some parts have been re-used in this model, such as the control panel. However, this does not affect its functionality and the fact that this is a great printer for a single user or small staff office.


In a COVID-19 hit world, office structures, environments, and even locations are constantly changing. The perfect printer is one that can meet your changing needs without you needing to change it frequently.

By applying the principles above, you can select a printer that will meet all your printing needs whatever happens in 2021.

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