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Today, Americans spend 23.5 hours on cleaning and household tasks a month. When you break it down, that’s almost 6 hours per week, or almost 1 hour per day!

If you lead a busy lifestyle, then you’ll know that 1 hour in your day matters a lot. Without keeping up with cleaning, your house can quickly become a mess. But if you sacrifice and dedicate that hour to tidying up, you need to make sure you’re making good use of every minute.

For those who want to use their time efficiently, read on for a cleaning checklist you can use every day!


First up on our room-by-room cleaning checklist is the bedroom!

You should start every day right by making your bed. Take a look around your bedroom and if there are any clothes lying around, pick them up and put them in the appropriate places. Either hang them up in your closet or bring them with you to the bathroom to put in the hamper.

Take another look at your room and see if anything’s been left out from the previous day. For instance, you should put away your earrings that you took off last night and tuck away your skincare products and makeup into their appropriate containers and bags.

Before you leave the room, check the flooring. If it’s a bit unclean, take a vacuum and/or dust mop to it to perk it up.


Now that you’re in the bathroom, throw your dirty clothes into the hamper. Go about your daily morning routine, but after you’re done, do some spot cleaning. There are quite a few places in your bathroom where germs can thrive, so you’ll want to do everything you can to get your bathroom clean and fresh.

For example, you’ll want to wipe the sink basin dry so there’s no leftover water. You should also take a towel to the mirror to get rid of water spots.

You and your family members might’ve also left out some cosmetics and toiletries on the countertops. Take a moment to put them back in their homes, wiping them down beforehand if they’re wet.

Once you’re done using the toilet and shower, give the toilet a good wipe with a disinfecting wipe and spray your shower down with a cleaner. Check your washcloths and towels and put them in the hamper if needed. Then, replace them with fresh ones.

Like with your bedroom, before you leave, check the flooring. If it’s dirty, then sweep and dust mop it.


Before you serve yourself breakfast, empty your dishwasher if you have one. If you’re guilty of not loading it the night before, take this opportunity to empty your sink, load the dishwasher, and lightly scrub down your sink if there are any food remnants in there. Now, you can go ahead and start off your day with a good and healthy breakfast!

Once you’re done eating, take a clean microfiber cloth and run it across all surfaces to clean up any food splatters you might’ve missed from the previous day. You’ll also want to spray down the fronts of your appliances and wipe them down to keep them looking clean and shiny!

Once you’re done with the towel, put it into the hamper and set out a clean microfiber towel to use throughout the rest of the day.

Chances are, you’ve dropped a little bit of something on the floor while prepping and eating. Sweep or dust mop your kitchen floor before you move on with your day.

Living Room

This is probably where your home is the messiest. It’s where everyone spends time relaxing, after all!

So if there’s anything on this list you must do every day, then it’s the below tasks. Otherwise, this large space in your house can quickly become cluttered, messy, and dirty.

Go through the living room and straighten out all the pillows and blankets you’ve set out on the couch. But before you set these things down, check the cushions to ensure they’re crumb-free. If they’re a bit messy, you’ll want to run your handheld vacuum over them.

If things are left out from the previous day, take a few minutes to put everything back. For example, straighten up all the magazines, put away your children’s toys into their boxes, and put away board games into your display cabinet.

Once everything’s back in its appropriate places, you can then do some spot cleaning. Run your hand vac over all surfaces, such as those on your coffee table and entertainment center. Then, run a duster over them quickly to pick up residual dust.

And lastly, take a close look at the floor. Give it a good vacuum if it’s messy. You’ll also want to consider having professionals clean your carpet every once in a while to keep it looking new and not so worn down.

Use This Cleaning Checklist to Keep Your House Tidy

Doing housework every day might’ve sounded tedious and daunting. But with our cleaning checklist, you’ll be able to breeze through light tidying up on a daily basis; you won’t even realize you’re cleaning up! This will prevent the buildup of dust and grime in your home, which can keep your family feeling healthier and happier.

But even with this daily cleaning checklist, you’ll need bigger, more thorough cleans of your house. If you don’t want to handle this on your own, then make sure you get in touch with us. Our professional team can do a deep cleaning to ensure your home is as spotless as possible!