The Medically is pleased to provide best-in-class medical SEO services to medical practices. For the past two decades, The Medically has helped the healthcare industry book more patients with highly effective SEO strategies. From SEO audits, to copywriting services and premium domains, The Medically increases visibility into the medical practice’s to bring in high-quality leads that turn into loyal customers. 


Glendale, NY, United States – May 11, 2020 – The Medically is pleased to provide best-in-class medical SEO services to medical practices. 

The Medically helps practices increase their visibility in Google and get more patients through a proven Medical SEO process. From an SEO audit, to on-page SEO repairs and ongoing SEO work, The Medically provides a strategic approach to ranking on the coveted first page of Google. 

The Medically’s services include: 

SEO Audit: The SEO audit is the first step in making improvements in a medical practice’s website. The Medically runs SEO tests on a website to deliver a comprehensive SEO audit that shows exactly which areas need improvements. From backlinks, to technical SEO and conversion rate optimization, The Medically’s custom SEO audit covers everything. 

Medical SEO: The Medically has a team of the best medical SEO experts to provide exceptional results. The Medically provides monthly healthcare SEO plans to ensure its client’s websites don’t just get on the first page of the search engines, but that they stay there. 

Copywriting:  An effective website starts with high-quality content. Compelling medical content helps companies dominate search engines and educate patients. Effective content helps establish a company as a thought leader in their industry, leading to more prospects that turn into loyal customers. 

Premium Domains: Premium Domains help practices start their medical websites right. The Medically provides clients with a premium domain with a clean history and good authority to help speed up the ranking process.

“From SEO audits to digital marketing, The Medically provides a customized approach to each client to ensure they start ranking in the search engines,” said The Medically’s Ramona Jar.

“Simply having a website is not enough anymore. Medical companies need to increase visibility into their websites through SEO optimization techniques that work. We do this work for our clients so they can focus more on spending time with their patients, and less time on digital marketing and SEO practices. We are pleased to provide this leading SEO service for the medical industry.” 

Read the case studies for customer success stories and to see how The Medically has benefited those in the medical industry. 

About The Medically

For the past two decades, The Medically has been helping medical practices book more patients with SEO strategies that work. The company’s 5 star SEO audits helps medical companies start ranking while enabling them to focus on what matters–their patients, practice, and family. 

From custom logo designs to beautiful mobile-friendly websites, The Medically covers all of a company’s online needs. Learn more about how The Medically can help you run a flawless website and save valuable time in the process by visiting 


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