The Louthian Law Firm has been a part of the Columbia, SC community since 1959. Attorney Bert Louthian is a compassionate and diligent advocate for his clients, taking on many varieties of personal injury cases with deep knowledge from over four decades of legal experience and millions won.


Columbia, SC, July 21, 2023 — The Louthian Law Firm, a longstanding pillar of the Columbia community since 1959, is pleased to announce the launch of its redesigned website, aimed at helping residents and visitors of Columbia, South Carolina connect with an experienced personal injury attorney. With the new website, individuals in need of legal representation can easily access information about Attorney Bert Louthian’s key practice areas and impressive track record of results.

Attorney Bert Louthian, a renowned Columbia personal injury lawyer, has been a compassionate and diligent advocate for his clients for over four decades. With his deep knowledge and expertise, he has successfully handled a wide range of personal injury cases, securing millions of dollars in compensation for his clients.

“The Louthian Law Firm has always been committed to providing the highest level of legal representation to the Columbia community,” said Attorney Bert Louthian. “With our newly redesigned website, we aim to make it even easier for individuals who have been injured due to the negligence of others to find the help they need.”

The redesigned website features a user-friendly interface, providing visitors with a seamless browsing experience. It offers comprehensive information on various personal injury practice areas, including car accidents, workers’ compensation, and more. Whether someone has been involved in a car accident or suffered a workplace injury, the website serves as a valuable resource for understanding their rights and potential legal options.

One of the key highlights of the website is Attorney Bert Louthian’s impressive track record of successful cases. Visitors can explore the results section, which showcases the firm’s numerous victories and the substantial amounts of compensation recovered on behalf of clients.

“Our redesigned website is designed to be informative, transparent, and accessible to all,” Louthian emphasized. “We believe that providing individuals with the knowledge and resources they need empowers them to make informed decisions about their legal matters.”

The Louthian Law Firm’s commitment to the Columbia community extends beyond legal representation. Bert Louthian has been actively involved in various community initiatives, and the firm actively supports local organizations that work towards positive change.

As the redesigned website goes live, The Louthian Law Firm reaffirms its dedication to providing exceptional legal services to the Columbia community. By combining decades of legal experience, a compassionate approach, and a commitment to securing maximum compensation for their clients, the firm remains a trusted ally for those seeking justice.

For more information about The Louthian Law Firm or to schedule a consultation with a Columbia car accident lawyer or Columbia workers’ compensation lawyer on the team, please visit the newly redesigned website at

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