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In business, it isn’t enough to be great. You have to know how to be found online and seen through the noise. If you provide incredible content and services, yet no one ever sees it does it even matter?

Many local businesses have no idea what SEO even means, let alone how to master it. SEO means Search Engine Optimization and if done right will help your business rank higher in Google Search engines.

Did you know that over 4 billion online searches are done every day today? Wollongong businesses must master local search if they want to succeed online. Here are the keys to mastering the local SEO Wollongong businesses need.

The Keys to Mastering the Local SEO Wollongong Businesses Need

We’re sharing the keys to mastering the local SEO Wollongong businesses need. You will learn the basics to SEO and why it matters for your business and how we may help.

You love your Wollongong business. Yet, not as many people know about your business as you would like. The online world and SEO confuse you. You aren’t alone. Many business owners share your frustration in Wollongong.

The main reason why businesses don’t practice SEO is that they don’t know how to or they are intimidated by SEO. It’s interesting how many people run away when it comes to learning new skills or technology. Before you run away, here are the keys to mastering the local SEO Wollongong businesses need.

1. Content is King

One of the simplest ways to master SEO is to create content consistently that adds value to your customers or future customers life. The content should relate to the services or products you offer to keep it simple.

Keep in mind there are over 200+ factors Google looks at for your rankings. The key is to keep it simple. It is key to include words in your articles like local internet marketing services in Wollongong. This way, if someone locally is searching for what you offer, there is a better chance they will find you.

To say it another way, if you don’t tell anyone what you do repeatedly, how will they ever know?

2. Link Strategy

Make sure and include backlinks in your SEO strategy. A great way to do this is to produce a case study, podcast episode, or media mention. In some cases, you will get backlinks from other sites to your case study. In some situations, you want to drive this activity.

You may do this by hosting someone on a podcast or blog feature, and asking them to repurpose the content on their site with a backlink to your site. You may do this proactively by offering testimonials for brands you have worked with.

They are happy and post the testimonial on their website and voila you have a backlink. Google rankings have used backlinks for years as one of their key factors for your page rankings so you don’t want to miss this one.

Years ago, a study was done on backlinks. The SEO study discovered that the average page that ranked on the first page for google searches had approximately 300 backlinks. In comparison, those that had 10 backlinks, were listed on the 10th page in the search results for a local business.

3. Keep Keywords Upfront

It is important to think about what your community may search for and identify keywords that are catchy. In this case, the keywords are SEO Wollongong because we want to attract people that are looking to get better with SEO here locally.

It is key to repeat the words and use related words as well. Great results for SEO headlines tend to be 5 ways to or 3 ways to e.g. a number of ways or action steps for someone to take. Something else you want to be aware of headlines with “you will want to” also tend to regularly rank higher according to online studies.

If you end up deciding to outsource your SEO for your Wollongong business, ask about help to track your Google Analytics. This will help you get insight into how many visitors, growth, and how long people are staying on your website.

4. Keep It Simple

Keeping it simple cannot be understated. Take a look at your website. Is it simple? Is it clear? Take a look at your blog page? Is the content laid out attractively? Do the pages load quickly? These are key questions to ask to master your SEO.

How is your mobile website? Keep in mind over 50% of people view content from their mobile devices today. Is your website and content mobile friendly?

Don’t be shy and ask some of your existing clients and friends for feedback. You’ll be glad you did.

SEO Wollongong Businesses Need

Wollongong businesses must master local search if they want to succeed online. Here are the keys to mastering the local SEO Wollongong businesses need. It is important to be clear and consistent. Apply 1-2 factors in your SEO approach with content and online marketing and review your metrics. Then, decide what’s next to refine your SEO.

You may reach local businesses faster and simpler than ever with SEO Wollongong Businesses need.

Check out this post on more help on how to master SEO basics with us. If you want to know more on who we help and how we do it, visit us here.