Cambridge, UK, 17 April 2023— Cambridge Spectacle Co is an industry-leading eyewear company that is taking the UK by storm. Cambridge Spectacle Co is using a novel business model to manufacture and distribute premium eyewear to those who need it most.

According to the company’s Founder and leading UK optometrist Ahmed Ejaz, “the UK is crying out for a Warby Parker style brand to take the UK by storm”. Ahmed Ejaz has built a brand that offers quality eyewear at fair prices by cutting out the designer fashion houses.

In addition, Ahmed Ejaz has also appeared on JLD’s popular podcast, Entrepreneurs on Fire to discuss why the UK market is ready for his brand. Speaking on his global ambitions, he believes that although American brands such as Ray-Ban and Oliver Peoples have seen huge success across the world, no prominent British eyewear brand exists on a global scale.

He believes Cambridge Spectacle Co is the answer the world has been looking for when it asks for British inspired designs in eyewear. This comes as no surprise as the history of the science of optometry itself has deep-seated roots in England, and it would make sense that a person of such stature and industry caliber as Ahmed Ejaz would be the one to take the reins on such an undertaking and bring fashionable as well as functional eyewear to the UK’s mainstream.

The team at Cambridge Spectacle Co noticed that Optometry has seen an influx of fast-fashion brands that lack a true understanding of eye health, and are instead focused on maximizing revenues through just another outlet. At Cambridge Spectacle Co, they truly understand what constitutes quality.

Taking care of your vision and leading the optical industry with initiatives to advance eye research is their full time commitment. They are more than just another brand; they are a team of optometrists who are passionate about eye health, and provide their customers with the trust and value they deserve. Whether it’s through carefully crafting spectacle frames, or talking to their community of spectacle lovers, their passion shines through the work they do.

With their modern design and intelligence, coupled with a passion for optometry, they work hard to bring the best ideas of industry to life. Their spectacles find inspiration through the city of Cambridge, England where the blueprints are laid for the most comfortable and sophisticated designs. Each of their frames is thoroughly inspected by experts before being finished with their trademark signature. They collaborate with only the highest level professionals to bring their frames to you through selected opticians, and directly via their website.

About Cambridge Spectacle Co Eyewear:

This isn’t just another clothing fashion brand making spectacles. We believe eye care should be in the hands of experts with a passion and focus rooted in expertise. Our company was founded by an expert British Optician with over a decade of experience seeing patients.

Media Contact:

Ahmed Ejaz

Cambridge Spectacle Co

Design HQ, Nine Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1GE

Office: 01223 850 677

Email: [email protected]