The importance of chiropractic treatment after a car accident

The first thing you hear is the terrifying crunch of metal as another car rams into your passenger side door.  Luckily, there was nobody with you and you came out with minimal injuries. Well, you thought the injuries were minimal but after a few weeks, you start to feel pain and stiffness in your neck.

Some injuries are invisible and don’t show up for days or weeks after a car accident. This is why even if you feel like you’re fine, you should go see a chiropractor in Mission Hills as soon as you can.

Keep reading for all the ways seeking chiropractic treatment after a car accident can help you heal from your traumatic experience.

1. Invisible Injuries

There are some injuries that are obvious when you come out of a car crash such as broken bones, bruises, and scratches. There are some such as whiplash, however, that isn’t so obvious.

Whiplash may not make itself known until a few hours maybe even days after the accident occurs. The best way to deal with it is to not wait. Go see your chiropractor to check for injuries like this even if you aren’t feeling any pain yet.

2. Reduce Inflammation

Besides whiplash one of the most common injuries that you can get coming out of a car accident is micro-torn ligaments and muscles. Neither of these injuries will show up on an X-Ray so you may wake up feeling sore after your accident and to your regular doctor, everything will look fine.

A chiropractor will realign your spinal column which will cause your body to release inflammatory chemicals that can reduce the pain and inflammation that come with these micro-tears.

3. Decrease Scar Tissue

Micro-tears aren’t the only thing that can make you feel stiff and sore. The accident could have also left you with a bunch of built up scar tissue. Chiropractors know techniques that can target these trouble areas and allow them to break up faster.

You’ll leave the chiropractor’s office feeling a lot less sore and your body will be able to heal sooner than later.

4. Non-Invasive Treatment

If you wait too long to receive treatment after you are hurt then you may have to get surgery on down the line. Seeking a chiropractor for help as soon as your accident occurs is a much cheaper and less invasive option.

Chiropractors can realign your spine and joints which will promote healing. Sometimes surgery is still needed even after chiropractic care but this method allows you to use it as an absolute last resort.

5. Relief without Drugs

Some people’s answer to dealing with pain after a car accident is to take pain pills. This will reduce the pain for short periods of time but they should never be used long-term. They can be highly addictive so if you aren’t careful you may start feeling like you have to take them.

When you stop taking the pain pills you’ll be met with nasty withdrawal symptoms like with any other addiction as well. Chiropractors can take care of your pain long-term and provide healing rather than masking the pain like pills do.

6. Restore Range of Motion

Inflammation can cause more problems than a sore back or neck. It can also hinder your range of motion. Inflammation slows down your healing process because your blood and nutrients won’t be able to get to the places they need to start it.

A chiropractic adjustment will release this blockage and promote the motion of your spine. You’ll start healing a lot faster.

7. You’ll Avoid Long-Term Injuries

Again, if you leave your car accident injuries untreated for a long period of time you may eventually need surgery. Some problems that seem like minor pains can become huge problems on down the line.

For example, if you let whiplash go untreated the pain won’t go away. It can keep on going for years until it becomes a terrible chronic issue. Seeing a chiropractor right after your accident will stop a small condition from turning into a huge deal on down the line.

8. Reduces Pain Through the Entire Body

Not every injury you receive will be large ones. You may simply feel sore because you twisted something the wrong way during the accident. While these pains aren’t anything serious, they’re still painful and annoying to deal with.

A chiropractor uses spinal manipulations to release hormones in your body that will get rid of all of your bodily pains. This includes the ones that you had before the crash happened.

9. It Will Be Easier to Make a Claim

If the crash was another person’s fault you probably want to file a claim against them. This isn’t always easy to do but a chiropractor can make it go smoothly.

Your chiropractor can make a record of every single injury that you have. You can then have these records sent to your attorney to file a claim against the person who crashed into you.

Why You Should Be Seeking Chiropractic Treatment After a Car Accident in Mission Hills

Being in a car accident is a traumatic experience in itself. You don’t need injuries that pop up later on ailing you on top of it. Seek out chiropractic treatment after a car accident in Mission Hills to ease your pain and even file a claim against the person who caused it.

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