The program offers holistic solutions to combat hormonal imbalances and burnout and enhance well-being for women navigating perimenopausal challenges.


United States, February 5, 2024— Women’s hormone health during perimenopause has long been a complex and often overlooked aspect of overall wellness. Addressing this critical phase, Dr. Iris Crawford, The Hormone Boss and a Licensed Naturopathic Physician, introduces an innovative solution that aims to revolutionize how women navigate hormonal shifts and burnout during this stage.

“So many women tell me their doctor tested their hormones and were told they were normal and that they are just getting older. Yet they are exhausted, have mood or sleep issues, low libido, a foggy brain, and more. I’m changing the way women receive healthcare so these issues can all be resolved at the root of the issue. Women deserve to have vibrant hormone health at any age, without having to take hormone replacement forever so that they can make a bigger impact,” says Dr. Crawford.

Her approach is centered on a 3-step process, meticulously crafted to uncover the root causes behind hormonal imbalances in women. It begins with a detailed assessment and understanding of each woman’s unique hormonal landscape, followed by personalized care plans integrating evidence-based natural medicines and targeted diet and lifestyle modifications.

The program also prioritizes sustainable, attainable changes without necessitating drastic lifestyle changes. This enables busy women to seamlessly incorporate these strategies into their daily routines. By addressing the core issues causing hormonal imbalances, the program doesn’t just alleviate symptoms. It redefines women’s hormonal health, fostering increased energy, mood stability, enhanced sleep quality, and overall vitality with lifelong results.

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