Pune, India, 25 February 2020 – In the face of perceived entanglement of religious norms and their relevance, religion is on the decline among the millennial generation. The generation has a penchant for experimental, precisely, an empirical set of self-inquired spiritual notions. Millennials, at a very staggering rate, are yearning to turn inward. Religion has conditioned people to look and nurture the extrinsic aspects. On the flipping side, spirituality fan the flames of a rudimentary intrinsic approach. While many consider this as a distinctive line — the extrinsic and intrinsic ways — it is crucial to understand that religion and spirituality have their own ways of taking you to the destination, and both rely on the same foundation and innate teachings.

The only distinction that underpins is the common misconception about the correlation between religion and spirituality. There is no second thought on the intentions of both, rather it’s the inclusiveness that creates all the fuss. Before approaching spirituality, people tend to ideate it as the gateway or some element of religion. Religion promotes spirituality, but being spiritual is not being religious. This lack of inclusiveness empowers millennials to smoothly sail in the journey of spiritual pursuit without adhering to religious doctrines. 

Spirituality makes you realize that your role in life has a greater purpose than the mundane run of the mill. It can unshackle and offer you freedom from dependence on materialistic pleasures and help you understand your life’s greater meaning. The worldly magnet is pulling away from the gap of ego and your inner self, making room for stress, a disorderly life, depression and what not to claim their gains. Spirituality joins us. It brings us closer to our inner self. Boiling all the gap, it shrugs off the redundancies of life and invites a wave of peace.

In the minds and hearts of this generation, an empty vessel-like void is continually whining of spiritual curiosity, and looking for a source, an organization, or a group to come to the rescue and quench the longing.

Westerners are fervent to know more and acclimatize to the Indian thought of spirituality. The unhurried propagation of spirituality since ages laid the foundation of a massive base of spiritual enthusiasts from the west. Ayurveda, not to be forgotten, significantly aided in entrenching the values of yoga and its grounded natural essence among health practitioners. The emergence of the internet and the skyrocketing penetration of smartphones bridged the gap between the learner and the teacher. Now, a single screen clears the way out for two different corners of the world. People are increasingly looking for yoga retreats in Asian countries like India, Thailand, and Indonesia. India — the land of mystics — is the most preferred destination for seekers.

We spoke to Amit Dhumal & Mayur Nasikkar, the Founders of Shiva Shakti Yoga which is a popular traditional Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga school in Goa conducts authentic Yoga Teacher Training in India. They say, nowadays people visit India not only for tourism but to deepen their understanding of Yoga and spirituality. In recent years, Indian tourism has changed from mere sightseeing to a more soul-searching destination. More than 300 people visit a year to experience the 1-month yoga teacher training Goa, which they believe, helps for a complete transformation and elevated consciousness.

India, when it comes to spirituality, has always remained at the forefront. A legacy of mystics highlights India as one of the most notable lands in the spiritual map. Yoga is the spine of Indian spiritual thought. As a consequence, ages have remembered the paramountcy of spiritual affiliation with this land.

India embraces people regardless of race, colour or religion. It teaches spirituality as a way of life. Various tourist attractions are now turning into a spiritual paradise, welcoming seekers and offering them the best possible platform for internal development. 

Goa, being the most loved tourist place of India, is at the cusp of turning into a full-fledged spiritual paradise. Shiv Shakti Yoga centre of Goa is triumphantly offering spiritual retreats, which is attracting plenteous outsiders in the lap of nature. The centre retreats amidst the serenity of beaches, accompanying the warmth of friendliness. Millennials and their inclination toward yoga underline their receptivity to the inner call. To taste the silence, seekers are coming here, practicing and inculcating yoga in their daily routine. 

Media Contact:

Mayur Nasikkar

Pune, Maharashtra, 411021