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Stellenbosch, South Africa – April 13, 2020 – The Golf Blog is the best source for golf enthusiasts. It provides how-to guides on improving your golf game. Furthermore, it brings product recommendations and reviews for the golf buyer.

The latest recommendation is for the golfer to find a forgiving iron when taking a stroke from the fairway. The blog has put together The 5 Most Forgiving Irons for golfers to try.

Among these irons is the Ping G700 Men’s Steel Iron. This Iron provides the golfer with an increased length – as well as increased forgiveness. With this iron, the golfer can expect an increased height and still manage a soft landing. The Golf Blog encourages golfers, new and old, to “try the Ping 700 Irons and see what the Company has produced.”

Furthermore, the blog encourages readers to try the Callaway Rogue Irons Set. The blog finds this new model of irons as “vital product within the brand.” It is made of tungsten that makes the club heavier than most other irons. It is this weight that helps increases your control over the ball’s flight. The shaft is lighter and longer than most other irons.

It has an extra-large head, significantly bigger than most other irons which make the golfer confident in firmly striking the ball on their downswing. The Golf Blog recommends The Rogue set as an addition to any golfer’s set. It comes with a 4 iron, a 3 iron, and a Gap Wedge. You can also purchase a sand wedge and a lob wedge.

The blog makes an unusual and bold move in recommending the Cleveland Launcher HB Iron Set. They confidently admit that “Cleveland may not have the market share of the golf market that the [other] manufacturers mentioned have…” 

But this is why The Golf Blog stands out and is an authoritative source for golfers. They are willing to explore lesser-known brands and give the right and often missing information to golfers. 

They stress that The Launcher iron is lightweight and has comfort, making it easier for any golfer to use. It helps with increasing the height that the ball reaches and furthers the distance after taking a swing. The Launcher series offers the golfer an option of steel or a graphite shaft. 

It is through recommendations, such as these, that make The Golf Blog a must-read for weekend golfers and professionals alike. They take the time to research the best that a golfer should have.

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