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Intelligent Audio Technologies are on the Rise

Over 25 years in innovation has positioned Waves at the peak of an audio revolution. With technologies created for professional recording and broadcasting studios, we’ve acquired a deep understanding of the capabilities of audio’s vast potential. From working with the best in creating the best content, we have not only learned what immersive audio experience should be but have felt compelled to bring that experience to consumers.

Successively, 10 years ago we created Waves Consumer Division to integrate professional level audio processors into consumer electronic devices. We accepted this challenge with an intimate understanding of the gap between audio quality in professional studios and audio produced by consumer devices. Nothing valuable comes easy, but with the largest arsenal of tried and tested professional grade audio processors we had the ideal ingredients to evolve these technologies to be dynamic, adaptive, and intelligent to deliver the best possible audio experience on consumer devices.

During this journey of company growth, consumer expectations have grown larger as devices have grown smaller. This technological paradox has forged, as a crucible of sorts, a finer product. We have been driven to solve these challenges with ever more intelligent audio processors. By nature, as devices get smaller and more portable they are expected to perform in more use cases and environments, not just competing with background noise but the noise of other devices. Only intelligent adaptive audio can meet expectations in such varied conditions. Microphones must act as ears with the intelligence to know when and how to listen as well as evaluate the environment to adaptively optimize output.

This positive feedback loop of intelligent input and output processing working in harmony is unique to Waves. We are the only audio software company with input, output, and now spatial audio solutions. Waves Nx, the leading 3D audio solution, has completed this vital triangle. These three pillars are the building blocks needed to circumvent the form factor challenges in a race to be small but perform big in most any environment.

Spearheading an IoT Revolution where Voice is the New UI

In an IoT revolution with smart homes and smart offices, our smart audio technologies have found the ultimate space. We are becoming the audio choice for smart communication devices and are poised to lead the way as these devices bear the weight of growing consumer demands


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Not since the advent of the touchscreen has another interface technology been more revolutionary than voice assistance. Waves technologies are primed to enhance voice UI devices into knowing when to hear, who to hear, and how to hear in any environment while delivering a touch-free user-centric experience. And when these smart communication devices are inevitably integrated into hearables and wearables our software-based technologies are destined to thrive there as well. We support a future where consumers will have the tools their smartphones deliver, from communication to navigation, without the immense toll smartphones take while driving or when communicating with each other.

IC chips are only getting more powerful yet smaller with less power consumption. Waves intelligent technologies are perched to take advantage of this power to improve not just audio experience but well-being. Audio and voice technology can do more than just perform and assist, it can hear and recognize changes in machine and human behavior to maintain health and safety, it can mesh large scale systems together with zero latency, it can change the way we input data, it can whisper in your ear everything you need to know from translations to navigations, and with spatial audio technology, it can transform us into different environments or allow us to better navigate the ones we are in.

Waves is driven by summoning these sonic possibilities in chorus with ever-refining AI. We are laser focused on leading an audio revolution with our trifecta of intelligent input, output, and spatial audio processors synergizing on smarter and smaller devices to not just make sound the center of your life, but to make you the center of it.