The Evolve Center, located in Sandy Springs GA, is committed to providing people of all ages and backgrounds with therapy services. During this time of uncertainty, they have developed a unique system for providing remote/virtual psychotherapy services to those in need, no matter where they are. For more information, visit the blog to learn how to get the most out of your remote therapy sessions.


Sandy Springs, GA ‒ February 16, 2021 ‒ The Evolve center is committed to providing its patients with psychotherapy services, no matter their age or background. Their mission is to improve their clients’ overall wellbeing and mental health, giving them the tools and support they need to achieve their goals. 

To maintain a high level of care to their current and future patients, The Evolve Center now offers unique and flexible virtual/remote therapy sessions that are changing the way people think about the way traditional psychotherapy services are offered. The therapists at The Evolve Center use traditional talk therapy, which is reality-based and solution-focused, assisting their clients with addressing their needs. They are certified and trained to deal with a variety of topics, including emotional and psychological pain, anxiety, depression, physical or emotional abuse, and many others. 

If a patient is dealing with relationship issues, The Evolve Center offers couples therapy that will help them improve their relationships by giving them the tools to effectively communicate, solve problems together, and understand the values they share with their partners. Therapists will utilize scientifically supported techniques so patients can decrease resentment, conflict, and loneliness, all the while building up the foundation of the relationship and adding stability. Their goal is to assist patients with navigating through marital conflicts, financial strain, raising children, and all the other issues that can arise within a relationship. 

The Evolve Center also offers anger management counseling and classes. While therapists recognize that anger is a natural reaction, it can be problematic if it is overwhelming, uncontrollable, and destructive. Patients that find themselves in this position on a regular basis may experiences hindrances in their daily lives. It can affect their work and personal relationships, as well as the one they have with themselves. Therapists at The Evolve Center use anger management techniques such as group and individual counseling and classes taught by professionally trained and certified practitioners in the anger management field. Their techniques work to reduce raw emotional reactions in addition to an aggressive outburst of self-expression. 

For more information on The Evolve Center and to book a consultation, visit their website or call 770-696-4843.

ABOUT THE EVOLVE CENTER: The Evolve Center offers psychotherapy services to adults, children, couples, and families. The staff is trained to deal with a variety of issues, such as anger management, anxiety, depression, abuse, and more. They strive daily to improve their client’s sense of well-being and provide them with support and tools to meet their goals. In order to continue to be there for their patients, they have developed virtual/remote therapy, changing the way people think about traditional psychotherapy services. 

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