Dover, DE, February 16, 2024— The DiscoPosse Podcast, hosted by the renowned Eric Wright, has officially crossed the 1 million download threshold, marking a significant milestone in its journey to becoming a leading voice within the tech and startup community worldwide. This achievement not only signifies the podcast’s expansive reach but also its profound impact on listeners across the globe, placing it in the top 0.5% of podcasts worldwide.

Since its inception, The DiscoPosse Podcast has featured over 250 founders, builders, and people of interest, providing a platform for insightful conversations that span the breadth of entrepreneurship, technology, and personal growth. Its unique approach to storytelling and engagement has set it apart: “Most podcasts fail to engage listeners, and your story goes unnoticed and unremembered. We have mastered the art of engagement, conversation, and storytelling so your business gets noticed, and customers find you.”. 

The learnings and experiences garnered from the podcast have been instrumental in the founding of GTM Delta, a Technical and Product Marketing-as-a-Service firm spearheaded by Eric Wright. GTM Delta has quickly become a game-changer in the tech marketing space, offering “high-impact technical marketing content tailored to engage and convert technical audiences without the need for clients to maintain a full-time content creation team.” The firm prides itself on delivering whitepapers, eBooks, and long-form content that not only enhances credibility among technical personas but also drives top and middle funnel engagement.

GTM Delta’s mission is to act as a strategic partner for companies looking to elevate their technical product marketing with a blend of research, deep technical understanding, and proven startup experience. This vision is deeply intertwined with the ethos of The DiscoPosse Podcast, which has consistently provided valuable insights and knowledge to its audience, fostering a community of engaged and informed listeners.

Eric Wright, host of The DiscoPosse Podcast and co-founder of GTM Delta, expressed his gratitude and vision for the future: “Reaching the 1 million download milestone is a humbling reminder of the impact that genuine, engaging conversations can have. It’s a testament to our commitment to not just telling stories, but making them resonate with our listeners. With GTM Delta, we aim to extend this philosophy to technical and product marketing, ensuring that our clients’ stories not only get heard but also inspire action.”

As The DiscoPosse Podcast continues to grow and influence the tech and startup marketing community, its partnership with GTM Delta stands as a beacon of innovation in technical marketing and storytelling. Together, they are set to continue breaking barriers, engaging audiences, and driving success for businesses worldwide.

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GTM Delta is an elite technical product marketing startup creating highly engaging technical content using proven techniques to increase engagement, conversion, and discoverability.

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