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Are you looking for the perfect guest bed? Are you worried that you won’t have enough space?

While there are many guest beds out there, many of them are either too big for a small space or are so uncomfortable that they feel like sleeping on a bed of rocks.

Luckily, there are types of guest beds that can easily be stashed away or used for different purposes. Plus, they’ll be pleasant for your guests to sleep on when they come to visit you.

Keep reading to learn all about the different ideas for space-saving guest beds.

Rollaway Bed

A rollaway guest bed is a mattress that’s placed on a metal frame with bars that hold it up. When the bed is in use, you can put things like extra bedding or your guest’s luggage underneath the bed to save more space.

When not in use, fold the bed in half and store it in a closet or next to a shelf. It shouldn’t take up more space than a folding picnic table. These are some of the best guest beds for small spaces as they’re so easy to store.

Rollaway beds are excellent for a sturdy bed option as they can often hold several hundred pounds.

But don’t let the thin, compact design fool you: rollaway beds can be comfortable. Always make sure you get one that has a memory foam mattress for the best comfort.

Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper sofas are one of the best space-saving guest beds because they serve more than one purpose. When the bed isn’t in use, you can use it as a regular sofa or loveseat.

And when your guests come over, open up the bed, add bedsheets and a pillow, and you’ve got instant, comfortable accommodations for your guests.

Sleeper sofas are a great option if you don’t have the space to store an extra guest bed, no matter how compact it is. With a sleeper sofa, you can use it as part of your regular furniture setup without taking up any extra space.

Murphy Beds: Invisible Space-Saving Guest Beds

Murphy bed is a bed that is hinged on one end and is stored upright in a closet, cabinet, or against the wall.

One of the best benefits of Murphy beds is that they can blend in with the room when they’re not in use. This makes them one of the most efficient types of space-saving guest beds.

These beds are also a good option if you have a room that you convert into a guest bedroom when you have guests but use for other purposes when you don’t have guests.

You can get Murphy beds with built-in features, like shelves, a desk, a sofa, and even a closet.

Tri-Mattress Bed

Tri-mattress beds might look a bit futuristic, but they’re a great option if comfort is your focus.

A tri-mattress bed is a mattress that folds on top of itself. It’s called a tri-mattress because it has three parts that you can fold on top of each other.

When it’s in use, you can make it flat. You can also fold this mattress into a chair shape and fold it into three pieces so you can store it.

This bed is versatile because you can put it on top of an existing mattress for extra comfort or put it on the floor for a nice cushion.

Twin Day Bed

Twin day beds are a good choice if you have more than one guest that comes to visit you often.

A day bed is a bed that’s used for reclining or lounging. It has a wood or metal frame and looks like a cross between a couch and a bed. A twin day bed is the same concept but has two beds instead of one bed.

The second mattress is stored underneath the first one, and you can always cover the day bed with a cover if you don’t want the second mattress to show.

The good thing about day beds is that they look good both in living rooms and in bedrooms and often come with wheels for easy movement. You can use the day bed as a sofa during the day and pull out the second bed to have two beds at night.

Ottoman Sleeper Bed

An ottoman is a bed or a chair that doesn’t have a back or arms. Ottomans often have hinges so that you can store items like bedsheets or guest items like slippers inside them.

Like sofa beds, ottoman sleeper beds are a great option for giving the furniture in a room multiple uses. What makes it one of the most popular space-saving beds is that it looks like a regular chair and blends in well with any room.

When not in use, the ottoman sleeper bed functions like a regular bed or chair for you to lounge and relax on. When you need to use it for guests, all you have to do is pull out the bed and add bedsheets.

Sofa Bunk Bed

You’ve seen sofas that can convert into beds, but what about sofas that can convert into bunk beds?

The sofa bunk bed is a fantastic choice if you have more than one guest who comes to visit you, such as a friend with children.

For bedtime, the bunk bed is pulled out of the sofa, complete with a ladder for easy access to the top bed. If you get one of these, make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions or watch a video for proper assembly of the bed.

Get a Comfortable, Space-Saving Guest Bed Today

We hope this article helped give you some ideas for space-saving guest beds that look good, work with small spaces, and most importantly, are comfortable for your guests.

No matter which type of guest bed you get, always choose a style that works best for the space you have. Also, remember to match the bed to the function of the room you put it in.

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