Brooklyn based creative agency announces social media resource website


Brooklyn, NY, August 31, 2020: The Creative Exchange today announced Social Media Toolkit, a new website for digital marketing mavens. Social Media Toolkit is a site that categorizes social media tools and educational resources and offers a new way for marketers to connect with each other and advance their skills. 

“When getting started with social media or being an expert, there are always resources out there for you and your brand. Whether that is in the automation sector or as simple as social listening. This toolkit is everything you need for a successful social media marketing program.” says Anna Sullivan, Founder of The Creative Exchange

Features and benefits of Social Media Toolkit include.

·  Social media courses and blogs in one place

·  Tools and a glossary to improve digital marketing

·  A Facebook community to share experiences 

Social Media Toolkit will be available starting [availability date], and it is free for all. Additionally, SMT is home to a free tool suggestion program, where website visitors can fill out a form to receive an email with tool recommendations for their individual needs. For more information visit the website at Check out the Instagram account: @socialmediatoolkit, and join the Facebook Group for insider tips and a driven digital marketing community. 

About The Creative Exchange: The Creative Exchange (TCE) launched in 2015 to create an agency for brands who are excited to reconnect with their brand values through dope visuals and storytelling through social media and experiences. TCE is passionate about creating, storytelling, and human connection and offers services such as social media management and strategy as well as consulting and influencer programs.

Media Contact

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The Creative Exchange
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