The global leader in telematics and IoT technology that’s at the top game on GPS tracking and environmental monitoring services, LoneStar Tracking, has been working over the past 8 years with universities and research organizations to develop low-cost, global wildlife and animal GPS that now is ready and available. For more information on the cattle GPS tracker, visit


Fischer, TX, September 3, 2021 — A herd of cattle running loose might be funny on an internet video, but we know the nightmare that it represents in real life. When collar GPS trackers appeared on the market ranchers thought they’d finally had a solution for one of their worst burdens; unfortunately, it wasn’t. From having problems with the size of the collar to the possibility of animals getting caught in branches or bushes, people believed the endless war would go on forever. Until now — thanks to LoneStar Tracking. 

When it comes to GPS tracking and environmental monitoring services, people know they can trust LoneStar Tracking. With unlimited US-based technical support on their 5G tracking devices, global coverage available, and no contracts or hidden fees, it is easy to understand why they’ve become the global leader in telematics and IoT technology.

But their work doesn’t limit to great trailer GPS tracker solutions. Over the past 8 years, LoneStar Tracking has been working with universities and research organizations to develop low-cost, global wildlife and cattle GPS trackers that are ready and available to the market.  

Would you ever imagine being able to monitor the location of your cattle at any time, right from your smartphone? Well, now that’s a reality.

Many cattle tracking solutions on the market require some form of gateway installed on the ranch. That’s not only expensive and time-consuming but also represents that the animal should be in the range of the gateway for the location to be transmitted. The LoneStar Tracking ear tag is 100% satellite-based which means that it will work in any part of your ranch -or the world- without installing any infrastructure or gateway on site. 

Small and smart, by weighing only 24 grams -barely bigger than a golf ball- the GPS cattle ear tag is one step ahead of the rest by allowing an easy and friendly installation on the cattle’s ear, removing the risk of the cattle getting hung up in the brush.  

As if it couldn’t get any better, turns out it is also the most powerful solar-powered cattle GPS tracker in the market. Giving you a battery life without the sunlight of 15 days and 10+ years of battery security since there are no batteries to change because the device is solar-powered!

The process couldn’t be any more simple: once you purchase the cattle GPS tracker at the LoneStar site you’ll be able to activate the ear tag also at the website from the comfort of your home. Then, you’ll have to use a universal tag applicator to install the tag onto the animal’s ear, and you’ll be ready to track the animal by using their mobile app on your smartphone or computer. Remember, the GPS cattle ear tag will automatically report location once every 6 hours and will never need maintenance.

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About LoneStar Tracking: LoneStar Tracking is a global leader in Telematics and IoT technology, providing GPS tracking and environmental monitoring services. LoneStar Tracking has been working with Universities and Research Organizations to develop low-cost, global wildlife and animal GPS tracking devices over the past 8 years.

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