Carlstadt, NJ, June 18, 2020: We hear about diets everywhere. But what if we only ate the food that’s good for our mind, body, and spirit? The food that God gave to us originally? That’s exactly what The Bible Diet promotes.

The Bible Diet includes food that was provided to Adam and Eve by God. This includes nuts, fruits, seeds, grains, legumes, vegetables, and certain herbs. This diet is nothing new — even those of nonbiblical religions follow this diet (they’re called vegans).

The Bible Diet is also called the Daniel Diet. When Daniel and three others became Babylonian slaves, they rejected the king’s diet and instead chose a diet of vegetables and water. The four of them were significantly healthier than anyone who ate the king’s diet.

But what can you make with only fruit, veggies, nuts, and a few herbs? A lot, actually. The book OVERSEAS PLANT-BASED CUISINE Around the World in More Than 100 Simple Vegan Recipes showcases delicious ways to follow the Bible Diet.

Why should you follow The Bible Diet? The Bible Diet offers more than just health benefits. You’re living by Biblical principles, living the way that God intended humans to live. The Bible Diet also doesn’t contain animal products, so you don’t contribute to the pain and suffering of animals.

In addition, The Bible Diet doesn’t include unclean foods. All food is fresh from the ground, so you don’t fill your body with unnecessary chemicals and hormones.

Keep in mind that not all ground-grown foods are included in the diet. For example, mushrooms aren’t a part of the Biblical diet.

What are some Veganized recipes featured in the book? This book shows some of the best Bible diet-friendly foods from around the world! This includes classics such as hummus, modern favorites such as quiches, desserts such as fruit tarts, and even vegan meatloaf!

All recipes are dairy-free and egg-free. There are even sections that teach you how to make your own sauce and seasonings that follow the Bible diet. The book also includes gluten-free recipes and substitutions.

This book also includes a clear summary of every recipe, high-res pictures to help you while cooking, and food/ingredient substitutions in case you have any food allergies.

One of the most important aspects of this book is that they include plant-based world recipes. The book follows popular recipes from around the world — over 40 countries in total!

Each recipe includes a description of where each recipe originates and includes beautiful pictures of countries. You can eat delicious plant-based food inspired by different cuisines in Europe, the Caribbean, North America, Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East.

About the Book: The Bible Diet started with a book and became a movement. The goal is to not only inspire people to be healthier but educate people on what the Bible says about physical, mental, and spiritual health.

The book also encourages people to cook, offering delicious recipes, sauces, and seasonings. This book offers tips so everyone can follow — even those who aren’t the best chefs!

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