vape pen battery for oil cartridges

What kind of vaper are you?

Do you like a smaller, more discreet mod that fits easily in your fist? Or, do you prefer a beefy vape pen with tons of battery life?

The best part about vaping is that you can customize your setup to meet your needs. There are a ton of battery mods on the market. And the batteries are smaller and last longer than ever before.

But what battery should you choose?

In this article, we’ll help you find the best vape pen battery for oil cartridges you can get in 2019.

1. Kanger Evod battery

The most simple, yet time proven and high quality battery battery for your oil cartridges. Constant output at 3.7V and comes in many colors. Probably the most imitated battery in the market, make sure you get the original Evod Battery by Kangertech with all the security features.

2. EVOD 1600 VV

The EVOD 1600 VV is an affordable variable voltage battery. Meaning you have the ability to dial down the voltage from 4.8V to 3.2V by twisting a small dial at the bottom. This baby holds a charge all day and then some.

As an added bonus, it works for an eGo thread or a 510 thread cartridge. If you use a 510 thread, there’s a special beauty ring you can get to adapt the thread to this battery. It’s not necessary, but it keeps the sleek look of the setup.

3. KBox Mini C Vape Mod

If you want to hold a lot of power but maintain a smaller design, the KBox Mini C is the way to go. It features variable wattage power up to 50W. This box does require a battery cell that’s sold separately.

It has a small OLED display to show battery power levels and wattage level. Click the up and down buttons to adjust the wattage. It’s a no-frills battery that looks great and gives you the ability to easily change up the power setting.

4. Kangertech Subvod Mega

The Subvod Mega offers up to 2300 amp hours of storage. It has a micro USB port built into the end so you can charge it and vape at the same time. But the battery storage alone should last you several days, even with heavy vaping.

It provides a constant output, which makes it suitable for almost any coil you choose to use. Change the mode by clicking the power button three times. This battery gives you lots of power while retaining the slim “pen” style setup.

5. K1 BOX Evolv DNA-75 Box Mod

If you’re looking for the ultimate in custom setups, the Evolv DNA-75 is a beautiful choice. It’s a special collector’s edition that’s only available for a limited time.

This battery sports a simple chrome design with an OLED display. And it’s available in black, white, or stabilized wood. The wood designs offer you something truly unique for your mod package.

The wattage is variable up to 75W for the most power output of the batteries on our list. It can also run in a temperature control mode for more sensitive coils. And it has pass-through capability so you can vape while it charges.

Choose the Right Vape Pen Battery for Your Needs

The right vape pen battery is the one that meets your needs. We’ve picked four of our favorite battery setups with a range of options.

If you’re looking for affordable with lots of power, you might go for the Subvod Mega. And if you want something that’s beautiful and unique, try Evolv DNA-75. The great part is that the choice is yours!

If you’re new to the vaping community, welcome! And be sure to check out our extensive collection of vape starter kits. Choosing a starter kit is a great way to begin your vaping adventure!