College apartment

Nearly 87% of college students live with a parent or off-campus while attending college.

Are you hoping to join the group of students living on their own off-campus? You’re probably wondering when to start looking for apartments.

We bet you’re barely into your freshman year and your friends are already asking about off-campus apartments for next year.

If you’re thinking about making the move, you might have questions about how to pay for off-campus housing and how to find apartments.

Stay with us to learn some tips on finding a college apartment and off-campus housing.

Ready for a College Apartment? Check Out These Tips

Room and board at most colleges is outrageously expensive, but is moving off-campus the answer? Let’s look at some tips to make it the right choice for you.

1. Choose a Place Near the Campus

Living off-campus can make you feel removed from the college experience. Look for a place close to your college to make it easier to attend extra-curricular activities.

You may find a lot of other students from your college in the same area if it is in close proximity to the school. That will keep you connected as well.

2. Pay Attention to Terms of the Lease

Your school year likely starts in August, but that doesn’t mean your landlord will be on board to start your lease at that time. You may be required to lease the apartment from June to June, for example.

Think about if you can afford to pay for months that you won’t be there or make plans to stay through the summer and work instead of going home.

If you think that you could find someone to sublet the apartment, make sure that won’t break the terms of the lease.

3. Roommate or No Roommate?

Are you going to try to rent something with one, two or three other students? Know that before you start looking so you know your budget.

Also, keep in mind that you want to choose trustworthy friends as roommates. You may very well be responsible for things that happen in the apartment even if you’re not involved.

4. Safety First

While looking around at off-campus housing, be sure to do some research on the various neighborhoods.

You’ll be in and out at odd hours if you’re a typical college student.

Coming from the library at midnight? Up early to go to the gym? Is the apartment in a safe area? Is there proper lighting?

What are the security features? Do the other residents follow safety practices?

These are all important questions to ask.

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Is Living Off-Campus for You?

Now that you’ve learned some tips on getting a college apartment, do you think it’s the right choice for you? Will off-campus living enhance your educational experience?

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