So, you’ve got your Roku. Now, what do you do with it?

After you set up your Roku streaming stick, the next step is to download Roku channels so you can start watching TV and films. But with so many options on the market today, how do you know which channels to get?


Don’t worry. We’ve got the inside scoop for the best Roku channels you should install on your Roku device today. Your going to need reliable internet for any of these TV apps so check our all of our packages from the link provided.


Best Roku Free Channels


Here are the best free Roku channels. You can’t beat free!


The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is the official channel from Roku that lets you watch hundreds of movies for free. It offers movies in every genre from recent releases and the classics.

The Roku Channel also offers access to TV shows from 25 different networks.


YouTube Channel for Roku Streaming Box


YouTube offers more than just home videos. You can watch music videos, tv clips, stand-up comedy, movies, and more.


PBS Roku Channel for Streaming TV


The PBS channel offers hundreds of TV shows for all ages. From the classics like Masterpiece and NOVA to newer series like Call the Midwife, there is something for everyone. Plus, PBS offers exceptional documentaries and news.


Pluto Channel for Roku Streaming TV

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a free and legal way to watch live TV. It offers more than 100 channels with partnerships from NBC, MSN, Crime Network, and day-time television networks.

Pluto TV also has more than one thousand free movies on-demand, too.


FilmRise Roku Streaming TV Channel


If you can’t find a movie elsewhere, try FilmRise. Filmrise offers more than 10,000 movies you can stream for free. It doesn’t always have the most recent releases, but you’ll find B-list movies and classics galore.

FilmRise also lets you watch TV shows on-demand.


theCW Roku TV Channel

The CW

The CW channel is one of the best Roku channels because you can stream the hottest TV shows for free. Plus, the latest episodes are on demand so you can catch up on more than one show.


Sony Crackle Roku Channel

Sony Crackle

Offering both Hollywood movies and TV series, Sony Crackle is a free way to get access to the biggest names on the screen (from today and the past). Crackle has both new and classic favorites categorized by genre. It is one of the best Roku channels to get big-budget movie access.


Tubi Roku Channel


Tubi is considered the largest streaming service offering movies and TV shows. It is free and legal and highly user-friendly. Everything is categorized by genre and you’ll find award-winning selections.



Free News Channels


Almost all public local news channels are free with Roku. You can take your pick from CBS News, NBC News, Fox News, ABC News, etc. These are great options if you want to stay up-to-date on the local news and don’t want to pay a subscription.


Reuters Roku Channel

Rueters TV

If you’re less interested in local news and more interested in what’s going on nationally, Rueters TVis the channel for you. Rueters offers breaking news plus customized news based on your interests.

You can even choose from different snippets of the news based on your needs. For example, some are five minutes long and others can be as long as 45 minutes.


NewsON Roku Streaming TV Channel


NewsOn is another free way to get access to local news. It has 170 live local news channel from all over the U.S. You can also watch on-demand in case you missed the news.

The best part– you don’t need a cable subscription.



Free Music Channels


Streaming music on your TV is the perfect way to relax, entertain, or just liven your day. There are various channels you can download for free to stream music with Roku.


Pandora Roku Music Channel


Among the first music streaming services, Pandora offers radio stations based on the artist or genre of your interest, and for free. You won’t need to pay anything unless you want to get rid of the few ads that pop up.


Spotify Roku Music Channel


Spotify is similar to Pandora, but you can choose to listen to one artist at a time rather than a radio-like station. You can also make your own stations with the songs you like.

Spotify is free to download. You have to provide an email address and make an account but it doesn’t cost anything.


Viveo Roku Music Channel


If you like music videos, Vevo is the best Roku channel for you. Vevo is free to download and plays music videos from all the top-name artists. The videos are in high-definition, too, so you can feel like you’re there.


Best Roku Paid Subscription Channels


If you’re willing to pay a small fee per month, these are the best Roku channels that require a subscription.


Netflix Paid Streaming TV for Roku devices


The first TV streaming service, Netflix continues to impress its viewers. Netflix offers both new and older movies and TV shows. It also now produces its own movies and television series, which have yet to disappoint.

Whether you want to watch a show from your childhood or a new award-winning film, Netflix has something for everyone. Everything is on-demand so you can binge watch your favorites.


Hulu Paid Streaming TV Channel for Roku


Hulu offers both on-demand and live television streaming. It hosts all the major TV networks such as Fox, NBC, Comedy Central, and more.

Like Netflix, Hulu has recently begun producing original movies, too. You can find a film, binge a series, or watch live TV such as sports or the news all with one app.


Amazon Prime Video Paid Channel for Roku

Amazon Video

Whether you have Amazon Prime or not, Amazon Video is worth the subscription fee. Amazon Video offers series you cannot find anywhere else. You can even purchase shows or movies a la carte.

Some of the best BBC series can be watched on Amazon Video such as Downton Abbey and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.


HBO Paid Roku Channel


HBO has long been a creator of excellent TV series and movies. There just isn’t anywhere else you can rely on for quality as much as HBO. So, if you’re into the hottest series and original movies, we recommend paying for HBO and downloading it to your Roku.


Sling Paid Roku Channel for Streaming TVs

Sling TV

Sling TV is where you’ll find broadcasted channels including ESPN, Cartoon Network, and news stations like CNN. Sling TV also offers add-ons so you can pick and choose which channels you want.

It’s cheaper than cable and more customizable.

You’re Almost Ready to Start Watching TV with These Best Roku Channels


Now that you’ve got the DL on the best Roku channels you should have on your device, you’re almost ready to sit back and relax with a new favorite show or movie.


But first, let’s make sure you have an internet service that can handle all that streaming.


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We’ll ensure nothing will hold you back from enjoying your Roku device and channels, especially not slow internet.