best decking materials

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There are a lot of new materials being used on decks in 2019 and all of them will try to sell you on what is the best. We are seeing new capped composites and a rise in interest in woods like Tigerwood. But choosing the right wood or material can be confusing.

When it comes down to it there are 3 major categories that are important in a deck material.

Major Issues in Decking

  • Longevity
  • Beauty
  • Maintenance

Longevity: First, we have yet to hear anyone say that any other wood or synthetic board will last longer than Ipe decking. This is simply because Ipe is the longest lasting decking material on the market today.

Beauty: Other synthetic/composite companies make an “Ipe” color of their products. They also try to make their plastic boards look like real wood. But plastic looks like plastic and feels like it to the touch. The reason they imitate Ipe is that Ipe is the most desired look of today in decking.

Maintenance: Ipe actually does not require any maintenance if you want it to turn grey. However, to keep its natural brown, red luster you only need to protect it from the sun with a U.V. oil once a year. Even synthetic boards require annual maintenance to prevent harboring mold and other things.

So in conclusion, all the Major issues when choosing decking boards make Ipe the clear winner. Ipe decking remains the undisputed champion.