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If you think you may have sleep apnea – the most common sleep disorder Americans suffer from, the most reasonable thing for sure is visiting a sleep specialist. However, if you can’t wait until you do a sleep study and get your test results, the following apps can help you track and manage sleep, and in some cases, help you uncover sleep apnea.

SleepTracker 24/7

Cost: $0.99; Platform: Android and Apple; Rating: 4.5 stars; Number of Ratings: 3,560

The SleepTracker 24/7 app is the world’s leading sleep apnea app for almost a decade. It provides insights into your sleep thanks to the use of artificial intelligence technology. This app features a heart rate and activity tracker and a smart alarm that wakes you up at the most optimal time. Plus, it produces white noise which is very helpful for falling asleep.

SnoreLab: Record Snoring

Cost: Free; Platform: Android and Apple; Rating: 4.7 stars; Number of Ratings: 3,970

This app tracks and measures how loud your snoring is, one of the most common sleep apnea symptoms. It can also integrate with the Apple Health app to record your sleep statistics. What’s interesting is that you can playback and listen to your snoring because it records it. Also, it offers suggestions and recommendations on how you can stop snoring.


Cost: Free; Platform: Apple; Rating: 4.2 stars; Number of Ratings: 2,790

If you use an apple watch, the Sleep++ app is what you should opt for since it integrates with it. You can use the app to measure sleep, awakening periods, and restlessness. The results are displayed in a graph that’s quite easy and simple to read and understand. What’s convenient, you don’t have to turn it on and off since it knows when you fall asleep and wake up and starts and stops working automatically.

Sleep as Android

Cost: Free; Platform: Android; Rating: 4.3 stars; Number of Downloads: 10 million

For all of you who have trouble falling asleep, here’s an app that focuses on that issue. The Sleep as Android app is used mainly for tracking sleep and getting statistics on Sleep Debt. Similar to the previous one, but for a different platform, this app integrates with Android SmartWatch. It also has an intelligent alarm to wake you up at the optimal time and provides suggestions on how to improve sleep.

Runtastic Sleep Better

Cost: Free; Platform: Android and Apple; Rating: 4.1 stars; Number of Ratings: 113,549

The Runtastic Sleep Better app can help you keep track of your sleep apnea by not only tracking your sleep, but also moon phases, lifestyle choices like exercise or alcohol consumption, and other things that have an impact on sleep. Unlike the others, this sleep apnea app helps you to track your dreams too in the integrated dream diary. And, the main advantage is that it also works in airplane mode.

Philips Respironics DreamMapper

Cost: Free; Platform: Android and Apple;

You can use the DreamMapper app by Philips Respironics to track time, leaks, and apnea-hypopnea index (AHI), which indicates how severe your sleep apnea is. It provides data collected from each night in a bar graph and allows you to easily go through previous sessions. It analyzes your AHI scores by showing clear airway apneas, total hypopneas, and total obstructive apneas. You can also find tips and recommendations on how to improve your sleep apnea therapy.

ResMed myAir

Cost: Free; Platform: Android and Apple;

Finally, myAir by ResMed is used for calculating a composite score of your sleep based on the sleep tracking it does each night. It is quite different from the other sleep apnea apps because it doesn’t only provide general suggestions but also tailored coaching and tons of videos to watch that can help you improve your sleep disorder and alleviate symptoms.