benefits of living in a ccrc

There are many benefits associated with living at a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC, also known as a LifePlan community). When you choose this lifestyle, you are making a healthy choice that will benefit you for years to come. There are many options available to you, and the CCRC of your choice will ensure that you are able to change your services as your life changes.

You Are Not Alone

When you choose senior housing at a CCRC, you will never be alone, because people are always nearby – both neighbors and caregivers. This offers your family members and loved ones peace of mind while providing you with as much help and/or independence as is necessary.

You Have Access to Everything You Need

CCRCs offer so much more than typical retirement homes, with services ranging from healthcare and emergency medical services to assistance with running errands and housework. Resident activities are organized and common areas such as the cafeteria and gym are usually available.

You Can Age in Place Easily

You may not need some of the senior-care options available at your CCRC, but over time, your needs may change. At a CCRC, instead of having to move to a new place to gain access to aging services, you’ll be able to stay in the same community, if not your same home. These communities allow residents to age in place and offer alternative options as they age – a specialized program that isn’t available in any other type of senior living facility.

What Kind of Lifestyle Will I Have?

At a CCRC, your lifestyle will be whatever you want it to be! You will maintain your independence while gaining access to emergency and long-term medical care, day-to-day assistance, and leisure activities.

You will design the lifestyle that is most effective for you and add additional services as they become necessary. Basically, you will be free to live your life your way while experiencing easy transitions.

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