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There are close to 11 million private and public swimming pools in the US. All of those pools out there require ongoing pool care. Most people know about chlorine in pools because of the distinctive odor of the chemical disinfectant.

Of course, there is a lot more to pool care than just chlorine. In fact, some people switch over to “chlorine free” pool systems, such as ultraviolet or a saltwater pool. Without the added chlorine in the pool, you avoid the smell and some of the harsh effects on your skin.

If you’re not ready to switch but would like some alternatives to pure chlorine maintenance, it’s time to explore the benefits of adding borate to your pool.

Stable pH

The ideal pH for any pool is somewhere in the 7.2 to 7.8 range. Anything above or below that and you’ll face a wide range of problems, such as:

  • Scaling

  • Cloudy Water

  • Algae growth

  • Mineral deposits

Adding borate helps the pool maintain the proper pH balance in the ideal range.

Reduce Choline Use

One of the primary chemicals for pool care, chlorine will prove hard to come by this year. A fire destroyed one of the main production plants for chlorine tablets in the US. While chlorine won’t disappear entirely from shelves, expect that the prices will rise and available supplies will disappear in a hurry.

The good news is that adding borate reduces the amount of chlorine necessary to kill bacteria in your pool. A handy benefit during a chlorine shortage.

Clear Water

One reason why the water in pools gets murky is that chlorine reacts with ultraviolet light. That’s right, sunshine will eventually break down the chlorine in your water and allow things to grow.

Borate actually helps the chlorine resist the breakdown caused by ultraviolet light, which keeps your pool water look nice and healthy for longer.

Less Eye and Skin Irritation

Ever get out of a pool with friends or family and notice that everyone has red eyes. That’s the chlorine at work. While it keeps the bacteria at bay, it’s an irritant for the eyes.

Even worse, it can leach the moisture out of your skin. That means that daily swim can leave your skin feeling itchy and needing a moisturizer.

Again, since borate reduces the total chlorine volume in your pool, you see less eye and skin irritation after swimming.

Is Adding Borate Right for Your Pool Care Routine?

The expected chlorine shortage will make pool care more complicated and expensive in the coming year. Adding borate to your routine may provide one solution.

At the very least, it will let you reduce your overall chlorine needs. That may help offset the expected increased chlorine costs.

Adding borate also lets you avoid some of the more annoying aspects of using your swimming pool, such as eye irritation and dry skin.

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