The Bally Team, an independent brokerage firm based in Troy Michigan and focused on helping home buyers fully understand the process and stopping unfair lending practices, has been named the recipient of multiple awards by United Wholesale Mortgage, the number one mortgage wholesaler in the United States.  


Troy, MI, February 14, 2020 – Buying a house can be an incredibly stressful, complicated activity. To make it worse, homebuyers often have the feeling that, while lots of people have a hand in the process and are all too happy to take their money, no one really seems to be looking out for them.

Amer Bally MNLS #1117265 has built his brand on a mission to stop unfair lending practices. His mission is to help clients who in the past might be taken advantage of by large banks and retail lenders.

And this approach, which has been thus far built solely on referrals, is working. In its the year of operation, The Bally Team, has won lots of awards from United Wholesale Mortgage the number one mortgage wholesaler in the United States, including being named to the top twenty purchase loan officers in the state of Michigan, the top one hundred purchase loan officers in the country, the top one percent of mortgage brokers in the country, and with $40 million in volume, rookie of the Year in 2019.

As a mortgage broker, Amer Bally MNLS #1117265 came into the industry with the goal of changing the way clients get financing for their homes. The Bally Team charges no fees on any of their loans, which means their clients can purchase an affordable home at a very low interest rate.

One of the keys to this success is education. The Bally Team strives to educate the consumer about the process, so getting a mortgage is no longer an overwhelming process, filled with stress and anxiety. Instead, they make it a fun and rewarding experience, ensuring that the buyer knows what’s happening at every step. Because knowing they’re helping families create memories in a new home is tremendous satisfaction in and of itself.

So, if you are a potential first time home buyer who wants to get into a first home, The Bally Team can help. No matter whether you are searching for conventional loans, an FHA or VA loan, or something else, they can help. If your credit score isn’t quite where it needs to be to qualify for a loan, we have a credit department that will work with you to help you improve it. And if you are a realtor who is looking for increased business, we can help you grow. At the Bally team, they believe not just in their own success. They believe in the success of everyone who works with them.  

About the Company: We are a team of independent Michigan Mortgage Brokers who don’t deceive or lie to our clients. We offer hands down state of the art service, helping anyone get home or find financing options. We are remote, so we come to YOU. No need to work around our schedule. Team of licensed mortgage brokers who sit with you and give you all the knowledge needed to make sure you find the home of your dreams without the stress. We love working with new home buyers and getting them the best deal possible. We also help current home buyers with their refinance of their mortgage.

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