Learn how to set up a freshwater or saltwater aquarium in your home with The Aquarium Adviser. Establishing a good set-up is harder than you think. The Aquarium Adviser is a blog with relevant articles on selecting tanks, fish, plants, and invertebrates. They also provide recommendations for the best equipment on the market to keep your new fish happy and healthy. Once your tank is plugged in and your aquatic life inside, you can check back with The Aquarium Adviser for tips on temperature, filters, lighting, proper nutrition, cleaning the tank, and more. Creator Sean Ben also has advanced tips for people starting an aquaponics operation. This blog is a free resource for all aquarium enthusiasts. Learn more at theaquariumadviser.com.


Charlotte, NC — October 5, 2020 — Whether choosing freshwater or saltwater, aquariums are an attractive and relaxing addition to your home. The problem is all the hard work of setting up an aquarium is wasted if not done correctly.

The Aquarium Adviser is a blog dedicated to teaching people how to select the best fish and plants for home aquariums, marine aquariums, and aquaponics facilities. From choosing the right tank to invertebrates that compliment the look you’re going for, they cover every topic.

“Our site includes a ton of relevant articles for aquarium enthusiasts of all levels,” said Sean Ben, founder of The Aquarium Adviser. “We also offer product recommendations to help you buy the best equipment on the market to keep your fish healthy and happy.”

Most homeowners love saltwater tanks but they are complex to manage. They need to take fish size and behavior into consideration when making plans. The Aquarium Adviser provides a list of the 12 best saltwater fish for a 55-gallon tank. For each recommended fish, you can learn its origin, size, food source, and tank level.

Some of the best saltwater fish include Bicolor Blenny, Spanish Hogfish, Yellow Sweetlips, and more. 

It’s a good idea to round out a new aquarium set-up with invertebrates. One fantastic option is the Peacock Mantis Shrimp. They grow from one to seven inches long with a mixture of beautiful colors. These shrimp are known for having a club-shaped appendance called a “smasher.” In a well-maintained environment, they live up to six years.

“The Aquarium Adviser’s goal is to be a resource for everyone,” said Ben. “Visitors come to us to learn about tank temperatures, proper nutrition, cleaning off bad algae, lighting, filters, and more. We’re here to help!”

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The Aquarium Adviser is a blog about keeping freshwater fish, marine fish, invertebrates, and plants that will serve to whet the appetite of the aquarist, and also provides all the essential information which is required to make a success of the beginner’s first tank and his subsequent choices of fish and plants. Learn more at theaquariumadviser.com.

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