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Nashville, TN, September 26, 2023— The Adore Girls, a boudoir photography studio with over 11 years of service, is proud to announce its win as the Best Photography Studio in Smyrna, Tennessee, for 2023. This recognition marks the studio’s continued commitment to redefining the boudoir landscape and bringing transformative experiences of self-love.

Founded by sisters Jamie Pfister and Lindsey Gregory-Caldwell in 2012, The Adore Girls’ journey has been marked by a passion for empowering women of all shapes and sizes. With an all-female team of experts, the studio has consistently offered an elevated luxury experience, capturing the essence of beauty and confidence of women through their artistry.

“A rebellion against self-doubt,” says Jamie, describing their mission and ethos. Through their work, The Adore Girls fosters an environment where every woman can break free from their barriers and embrace their most authentic, beautiful selves. Their boudoir photography isn’t just about capturing stunning images; it’s about redefining self-perception and celebrating one’s unique charm.

Lindsey emphasizes, “A boudoir shoot is the ultimate self-care step to redefine how you see yourself. Indulge and treat yourself to a truly exclusive boudoir experience that will leave you feeling beautiful, sexy, and confident, along with boudoir photos you will love.”

As part of their commitment to enhancing client experiences, The Adore Girls unveils a stunning website overhaul and a strategic rebrand. This exciting transformation not only celebrates their remarkable achievement but also underscores their mission of inspiring self-expression and self-love.

The new website will streamline their online presence, making it more accessible and user-friendly for clients. It will offer a seamless booking process, exclusive resources, and an immersive showcase of its portfolio, ensuring clients have all the tools they need to embark on their journey of empowerment through boudoir photography.

With its rebrand and website overhaul, The Adore Girls is poised to bring its vision to life in a more impactful way. To quote the team, “Look beautiful. Feel sexy. Love your boudoir photos.”

To learn more and book a boudoir shoot with The Adore Girls, please visit https://theadoregirls.com.

About The Adore Girls:

The Adore Girls, founded by sisters Jamie Pfister and Lindsey Gregory-Caldwell, is a distinguished boudoir photography studio based in Smyrna, Tennessee. With over 11 years of experience, they specialize exclusively in the art of boudoir photography, offering a luxurious and empowering experience to women of all shapes and sizes. The Adore Girls’ mission is to redefine self-perception, inspiring confidence, and self-love, one photoshoot at a time.

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Jamie Pfister

The Adore Girls