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Odessa, TX, March 7, 2022 — Texas has iconic food, and because of how big its territory is, its flavors have a vast diversity of cultural influence. The most famous might be Mexican cuisine, but the truth is that Texan cuisine is a vast mix of Southern, African American, Native American, and European influences. To honor and show the perspective of a West Texan, Texas Recipe Workbook is bringing homemade recipes to all the cooking enthusiasts of the digital world.

The creator behind Texas Recipe Workbook, Cory Doggett, is from Barstow, a tiny speck on the map just outside of Pecos, which is another slightly larger speck on the map. There aren’t many people out there; they even have a running joke that everything is a five-hour drive from home. Growing up in West Texas, Cory’s family could rarely afford to eat dinner out, so his mother used to cook every night of the week. She collected recipes from her Mexican friends and neighbors that used to live in the community. On the other hand, his father’s family was a traditional Southern Family and were the descendants of people from Tennessee and the surrounding region. They always had a mix of Southern-style food at their home, meaning plenty of fried chicken (including gizzards and livers), cornbread, greens, buttermilk biscuits, and other traditional southern fare.

After years of hard work that allowed him to travel around different towns almost every week, Cory retired from the industry and went back to West Texas, where he started rediscovering his roots after traveling and working all over the state. Now, with his food blog, he strives to share some old favorites as well as some new discoveries that he has made along the way.

At recipeworkbook.com, you’ll be able to find different -and delicious- recipes labeled by these different categories:

  1. Mexican Food: He’ll show you that Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine is totally different. For example, you’ll find that Mexican food never has yellow cheese in it. If you find a pile of Cheddar cheese sitting on top of your enchiladas, you’ll know that they’re Tex-Mex, not Mexican.
  2. Texas and Tex-Mex recipes: A cuisine unique to Texas, it is a fusion of Southern American and Mexican cuisines.
  3. Southern recipes: Southern food -including Cajun and Creole food- are a big part of Texas cooking.

For more information about Cory’s tasty recipes, visit https://www.recipeworkbook.com/. You’ll learn more about this proud West Texan’s story, more aspects of Texas history, and some great recipes you can pass down to your family. You can also buy some of his fantastic merch to help support his amazing work.

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