Columbus, OH, November 30, 2021— TegoSens, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Oern Stuge as Chair on the Board of Directors. Oern Stuge brings to TegoSens his extensive expertise in the life sciences industry as well as his unique vision and experience in enterprise development.

“I am excited to join a solid TegoSens team, that is well on its pathway in developing a differentiated technology with great potential. I firmly believe that it can help many patients, while reducing costs for healthcare systems, starting with heart failure,” said Oern.

Oern R. Stuge M.D, MBA, is an international executive with 30+ years of experience in the Life Science sector.

He is currently the Founder and Chairman of Orsco Lifesciences AG. There he has held several executive and non-executive board positions and advisory roles. During the last 9 years, Dr. Stuge has participated in enterprise development of various companies and successfully sold 9 of them.

Prior to founding ORSCO, Dr. Stuge worked for 12 years for Medtronic, Inc. in different roles including Senior Vice President (“SVP”) and President EMEA, Canada & Emerging Markets, and SVP and President Cardiac Surgery. Dr. Stuge led a successful transformation of Medtronic’s global Cardiac Surgery business. Under his leadership, Medtronic founded the Structural Heart Division and launched the first commercially available percutaneous heart valve in the world.

Earlier in his career, he spent 6 years in senior management positions at Abbott Laboratories Inc., 6 years in Medinor A/S in various positions including CEO, and 6 years as a practicing physician. He built a successful career by identifying innovations and developing opportunities that enhance patient care.

“Oern’s exceptional experience, successes, and leverage of his global network will help take TegoSens to into markets worldwide. To Oern, medicine is more than business. It exemplifies his values of integrity, fairness, equality, and good citizenship,” Abe Joseph, CEO of Tegosens said. “Oern’s philosophy is that prioritizing the patients will ultimately benefit the business and the investors. This philosophy fits my values and vision. I am thrilled to have him as a partner in building TegoSens.”

“I would also like to thank Flavio Lobato for his service from the inception of the company,” said Abe Joseph. “His guidance in structuring the company, opening funding avenues and being a champion for TegoSens at all times with investors and other stakeholders has been invaluable. Of course, TegoSens will continue to benefit immensely from his service on the board in his new role as Vice Chair with experience in building successful startup businesses across markets globally.

About TegoSens: TegoSens, launched by the Ikove Startup Nursery, is developing a low power radio frequency imaging sensor for monitoring Heart Failure and detecting fluid retention. The TegoSens RF Sensor is, portable, easy to use, non-invasive, non-restrictive and low cost. It is built on technology from The Ohio State University. CAUTION: Investigational Device, limited by Federal U.S. law to investigational use. To be used by Qualified investigators only.

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