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LEICESTERSHIRE, UK, 4 October 2021 – Earlier this month, industry leader Angus Lift Trucks released a memo about the technology trends creating a mass evolution in the forklift industry. Each of these technologies will streamline the tasks of companies and keep their workers safe. Despite widespread concern about technologies like automation and AI making the human workforce redundant, Adam Lantsbery, Commercial Director at Angus Lift Trucks, assures that “these technologies are changing the forklift industry for the better.”

On average, around five people receive life-changing injuries from forklift accidents every day in the UK, with trends showing an increase in fatalities in recent years. It is increasingly imperative that we utilize emerging technologies to innovate the forklift industry.

Angus Lift Trucks’ review of five transformative technologies shows that automation can improve the safety of forklifts without replacing workers. Automated Lift Trucks (ALTs) receive training from operators, who then step aside and monitor the forklifts at a safe distance.

Automation is already in place in other industries. For instance, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are widely used at Amazon, creating 300,000 new jobs. Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), like Google’s automated cars, utilize artificial intelligence to gather knowledge about their surroundings and make changes as needed.

Adam Lantsbery believes that implementing these technologies in the forklift industry can open jobs, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and keep companies up-to-date on market trends. Furthermore, ALTs will place people in more meaningful jobs that eschew monotonous tasks for human interaction.

Another vital technology detailed by Angus Lift Trucks is artificial intelligence. “Artificial intelligence will revolutionize the forklift industry,” Lantsbery says. AMRs and AI forklifts can detect traffic patterns, choose efficient routes, and work in spaces that humans cannot.

AI forklifts can reduce work-related injuries and fatalities, boost efficiency and productivity, and assist human workers. Also, they can work in tight spaces or with hazardous materials in dangerous conditions without threatening human life.

You may not think about it, but Adam Lantsbery pointed out how 5G can also change how we use forklifts. By accelerating technology speeds, 5G devices can enhance the connectivity of warehouse workers.

Angus Lift Trucks believes that 5G will aid in remote-controlled forklifts, enhanced safety, and workplace comfort. While forklift operation is typically viewed as a job that must be performed in-person, 5G and automation technologies make working from home a possibility.

Imagine a world where construction workers don’t need hard hats! Adam Lantsbery knows it’s possible, and it’s coming soon. Linde, Toyota, CESAB, Hyster, and Geodis have all integrated AI forklifts with remote operations in their companies. Soon, it will be commonplace.

5G connects to the Internet of Things (IoT), which includes all objects with an internet connection. Supply chain management and warehouses have already seen the use of Palletech’s smart pallets and RFID tags to track shipments and inventory while preventing fraud. 

According to Adam Lantsbery, the future involves AI forklifts operated remotely using 5G and working with smart pallets. By further integrating these technologies, companies can optimize their use of these technologies to create a safer workplace environment.

The last technology covered in this must-read memo concerns fuel. Forklift operation power or fuel technology is essential to the operation of forklifts. Due to the environmental and quantitative drawbacks of these resources, an emerging fuel may transform the forklift sales industry – hydrogen fuel cells.

Hydrogen is efficient, safe, fume-free, and zero-carbon. It improves the productivity of forklifts without being detrimental to the health of workers or the environment. Hydrogen fuel is the next big thing in vehicular power.

Angus Lift Trucks dives much deeper into each of these technologies to see how they will innovate the forklift and forklift hire industry. We believe that everyone should read this post to learn what the future will look like.

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