“It takes a long time and a lot of work to become a good teacher and even more time and effort to become a great one,” asserts the nationally respected team at Edward Brooke Charter Schools.  The challenge we’re currently facing nationally and in Arizona is a pronounced shortage of teachers, good or otherwise, with a national shortage of around110,000 teachers.


How do schools respond to this challenge to ensure all students have access to an excellent education?  They’re hiring as many qualified teachers as they can and focusing on rich and rigorous professional development to increase teacher effectiveness as quickly and strategically as possible.  If you have a Bachelor’s degree, a commitment to working hard for your students, and a growth mindset, teaching jobs are within reach for you.

Advance Your Career with Arizona Teaching Jobs

Teaching is a demanding but rewarding career path-one that committed, driven, and growth-oriented students and professionals can pursue for long-term success and lasting impact. Here are some ways to take your teaching career in the right direction

1. Strengthen your skill set

In order to teach your students as effectively as possible, you’ll want to continually grow as an educator.  Whether you are a student teacher still in college or a seasoned veteran teacher, there is always more to learn about increasing your effectiveness as an educator.  Observe veteran teachers in the classroom, create co-planning groups with colleagues, or seek mentorship from fellow educators.  Ask for specific insights on how to develop and refine your practice-whether through new instructional strategies, data analysis protocols, social emotional learning structures, culturally responsive curriculum, or family engagement tips.  Record yourself in the classroom and reflect on the video to reinforce what you’re doing best and identify areas for self-improvement.  These are just a few ideas to get you started, but are by no means an exhaustive list.  Your ultimate goal?  In the words of Paul Bambrick-Santoyo and Uncommon Schools:  “get better faster.”

2. Connect with fellow educators

When you’re in the classroom, you’re focused on students.  To maximize your effectiveness as their teacher, though, one of the most beneficial things you can do is network with your peers.

Connecting with fellow educators helps energize the educator community and build strong relationships that help all teachers find the ideal teaching placement for their interests and skill set.  That way, more students are learning from qualified and passionate educators who are eager to lead their classrooms effectively and make a lasting impact on their students.  Making the effort to develop meaningful connections now will put you in a stronger position to find the right role-or help a fellow teacher do so- in the future.

3. Bring your whole self to the classroom

To model the love of learning you want to instill in your students, extend your learning beyond your classroom. Help your students learn about extracurricular opportunities and get involved with their community. Research local after-school programs or summer camps along with scholarship opportunities that can make those experiences accessible to all students.  Share your own interests with students, too-tell them about the sports league you’re playing in or invite them to the concert for the community chorus you sing with, and ask how you can reciprocate.  Extracurriculars will help students learn about themselves and prepare for college, no matter their age.

Step up for Arizona’s Students

Arizona teaching jobs are available to you. Students are ready to learn, and schools are looking for people willing to make a difference. Will you answer the call to education?

If you’re ready to step up, Vista College Prep is ready to see your resume-apply today to join our team!