Teachers Hideaway, an exclusive “teachers only” social media platform, is now available for download. The service is available in both desktop and mobile environments. Members get access to a wealth of lesson plans and instructional materials, as well as the opportunity to network with other teachers from across the United States. The Teacher’s Lounge is a place for educators of all experience levels to ask questions and share information. New content on a variety of educational topics is updated all of the time. The app functions like any other social media platform. Members can create specialized groups, chat privately, and create a personal profile. Teachers Hideaway is now offering a 21-day free trial! Learn more at teachershideaway.com.


June 22, 2020- Are you a teacher looking for a way to network with educators from all over the United States? Teachers Hideaway, an exclusive new “teachers only” social media platform, is now available for download. 

Teachers sign up for the network by paying an affordable monthly, quarterly, or annual membership fee, and they receive instant access to a wealth of lesson plans and instructional resources. 

Teachers Hideaway works like any other social media platform. Members create and join specialized groups, chat privately with other members, and create a personal profile. Current members see it as a go-to resource for questions they have about instruction or classroom management. 

“Many teachers avoid social media because they’re worried about the potential for problematic interactions involving students or parents. As a result, they often miss out on opportunities to connect with colleagues and share resources,” said Danielle C. Kelly, founder of Teachers Hideaway. “I founded the website to give teachers this space for professional development.”

New teachers benefit from easy-to-understand videos uploaded into the app. The Teacher’s Lounge serves as a place for educators of all experience levels to ask questions and give advice. New content is constantly being updated, on a range of topics including educational technology, students with disabilities, and working with data.

Although Teachers Hideaway offers three membership pricing structures, there are no contracts and teachers can cancel anytime. The service can be used in desktop and mobile environments (Apple and Android).

Are you ready to try out the app? Teachers Hideaway is now offering a 21-day free trial to experience what it’s like being a member. If you’re currently using the app, you can earn money by referring other teachers to sign up!

Visit teachershideaway.com now to learn more about the app. Do you have specific questions about it? Email [email protected]

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ABOUT TEACHERS HIDEAWAY: The best thing to happen to teachers since the summer break! We are a resource to find lesson plans and instructional materials. The database is available for members to access and contribute to 24/7. Teachers Hideaway is a “teacher only” social network with extensive research-based tutorials on essential topics in education. Learn more at teachershideaway.com.

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