The Miami-based company Taxfyle helps clients complete their tax returns without the hassle or expense. Individuals, businesses and expats are connected to licensed CPAs or EAs across the United States who do all of the legwork and file on the client’s behalf. Their professional tax preparers are available 24/7 to answer questions and possess the expertise to ensure accuracy and maximize refunds. Taxfyle is trusted by over 40,000 people. Learn more or start filing your taxes at

MIAMI, FL — February 17, 2020 — Filing taxes is too important to entrust to automated software, and paying for a traditional tax service can often cost more than the entire refund. Taxfyle connects clients with licensed CPAs and EAs online to complete their returns without the hassle or expense. 

Individuals, businesses, and expats can all take advantage of Taxfyle’s service, which connects clients to qualified tax experts 24/7. They will collect all of the relevant tax information, prepare the forms and file on the client’s behalf. 

“The average taxpayer spends 13 hours preparing their own tax return, according to the IRS, but our professionals at Taxfyle will do all of the legwork for you — saving you time,” said Michael Mouriz, co-founder and COO of Taxfyle. “With our expertise, we can ensure accuracy and help to maximize your refund.”

How does it work? After answering a few simple questions, clients get a quote for the job, connect with a professional, upload required documents and sign on the dotted line when their return is ready to be filed with the IRS. All submitted data is protected with data encryption and sign-in authentication. 

Taxfyle professionals are based in the United States and can be reached for questions using an online chat feature or through the Taxfyle App, a taxes to go app available for download from the App Store and Google Play. 

“Taxfyle is powered by real people, professionals who can prepare any return at unbeatable prices,” said Mouriz. “Our company has been featured on Forbes, Fortune, Financial Review, Business Insider, CNN, Huffington Post, VentureBeat, and Yahoo Finance. Our client base continues to grow and our reviews show that customers are satisfied with the service.”

Visit to learn more about the service, try some of their free tax calculation tools and read their blog about all things taxes. 

ABOUT TAXFYLE: Our story starts in the back of an Uber, when our CEO Ricky came up with the idea of “uberizing” professional services. While working as a CPA, he noticed a shift in what clients were demanding from their accountants. Expectations had become more about acting as a “proactive consultant” rather than meeting once a year just to file taxes. Looking to provide clients with the consultants they need, and give CPAs the opportunity to manage them on their own time – Taxfyle was born.

Founded in August 2015, Taxfyle was created to empower firms, file taxes for individuals, and give CPAs the opportunity to work independently. We’re still at the beginning of our journey, and yet Taxfyle has grown from three co-founders to over 40+ employees in three short years.

Trusted by over 40,000 people, Taxfyle is an on-demand tax filing app that connects you to a tax professional within minutes. We’re here to make filing taxes easy, efficient, and more affordable for you.

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