Tatto removal methods and choices

The days of permanent tattoos are behind us. Tattoos can now be easily removed with modern machines and a variety of treatments. While all these treatment types may be effective to one degree or another, we should always trust professionals with ample experience and the latest technologies.

By far, the most popular form of tattoo removal now used is laser treatment. These treatments remove tattoos by breaking up the ink particles under the skin (in the second layer), with the body then removing them in a natural way through its lymphatic system. Interestingly, when ink is injected into the skin the body continually views it as a foreign invader, but because the ink particles are too large the tattoo stays in place. When a laser is used to break up the particles, the ink will be carried away and the tattoo will fade. Several treatment sessions, typically between 5 and 10, are required to enjoy complete tattoo removal with laser (fewer needed if the PFD patch method is used. Visit the PFD patch page for details on shortening your tattoo removal duration).

Other forms of tattoo removal treatment are also available. Some individuals decide to use TCA peels. The goal with these treatments is to use a chemical mixture to dissolve the top layers of skin. Eventually, the ink will be reached and slowly removed. Other options include excision, salabrasion, dermabrasion, and cryosurgery.

In addition to determining the right method to be used to get rid of your tattoo, you will also need to make decisions regarding the safety and success of each method. One thing that may help determine this is the color of the ink to be removed. Our state-of-the-art  Astanza Trinity laser covers the full color spectrum safely and in fewer treatments. The Astanza Trinity laser is used and trusted by leading laser tattoo removal practices worldwide, including our Las Vegas Tattoo Removal location.

You may be wondering how much pain a person should expect to when they have a tattoo removed by laser. It’s no secret that laser treatment, as any tattoo removal treatment type, can cause discomfort – mostly during the treatment itself. Some use a numbing cream to minimize pain, though we have found that chilling the area during treatment with our Zimmer Cryo unit has as much effect – or even more.

We can take certain steps in order to assist your body in removing the ink particles after a laser treatment. Living an overall healthy lifestyle and not smoking can go a long way in helping you to have a healthy immune system. This will help your body process the ink particles more quickly. Being at a healthy weight, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, and eating a healthy diet are all helpful things that you can do. Check out our laser tattoo removal aftercare guide for ways to care for additional information.

Many people had their tattoos applied with the idea that they would have them forever. But many of us who get tattoos regret one or more eventually. We may be disappointed with the way the tattoo turned out or no longer like the idea that the tattoo represents. We may even feel embarrassed by a tattoo, especially if it has stretched or faded over time. Thankfully, this tattoo regret can be a thing of the past. Tattoos are no longer permanent!

For your free tattoo removal consultation, contact reSkin for an experienced and reputable evaluation and proposed treatment plan. We would be pleased to be your Las Vegas tattoo removal provider.