London, England, 7 May 2020 – There has been a huge amount of attention recently for a supplement called NAD+ & its cousin NMN.

Both have shown in animal studies to help increase & optimise mitochondria.

Mitochondria are our energy cells that power all cells in our bodies. 

As we age, our mitochondria – and therefore – our NAD+ levels drop significantly to the point that our NAD+ levels can drop to as low as 1%.

Both NAD+ supplements & NMN supplements can help increase our NAD levels. 

What Is NAD+ & NMN?

20 years ago at MIT, a biology professor called Leonard Guarente discovered SIRT1 genes in yeast.

They discovered that Sirtuins control aging in both yeast and humans – protecting all organisms from disease and deterioration.

Sirtuins also help: 

  • Control Cell Death
  • Turn Anti-Aging Genes Off
  • Help Repair DNA
  • Regulate Metabolism

Studies showed that when these genes were put in organisms, they extended the organism’s lifespan by 5% – 20%.

NAD+ & NMN are both Vitamin B3 derivatives with NMN acting as a precursor to NAD+.

Without NAD+, we would be dead within roughly 30 seconds. 

NAD is crucial for activating Sirtuins in our bodies and without NAD+, Sirtuins wouldn’t be able to protect us from damage.

What Is Better Than NAD+ & NMN?

NMN is a smaller molecule than NAD+ and therefore it may have a better bioavailability than NAD+ as more gets into the bloodstream. 

It has now been proven the NAD+ crosses the blood-brain-barrier and reaches the hypothalamus which is important for people with metabolic disorders as this is the gland that controls this.

There has been more anecdotal evidence that people are experiencing a better effect physically when taking NMN and a better effect when taking NAD+.

NAD+ & NMN For The Immune System

Researchers have found that macrophages (white blood cell which eats invaders such as fungi, parasites, bacteria & viruses), uses a pathway that is synthesised by NAD+ to ensure cell survival + control inflammation.

More and more studies are proving that NAD+ is crucial for fighting off infections and viruses and we can do this from supplementing with NAD+ or NMN supplementation.

Boosting Energy With NAD+ & NMN

Our cells take and use fuel to power themselves, but as we get older, they lose the ability to do this – something called cell senescence.

NAD+ is a key element for a cell’s fuel supply and it was originally thought that the only route that NMN could contribute to cell energy was via this route.

However, a study has found that transporter protein called Slc12a8 can help NMN get directly into the cells and Slc12a8 increases when NAD+ levels fall.

Studies carried out on aging mice showed that those mice supplemented with NMN also showed an increase in blood flow and NMN can help form new blood vessels.

NMN & The Menopause 

Studies have also shown that female mice were able to reproduce for a much longer period of time than mice who didn’t receive NMN supplementation.

In fact, NMN may be so effective that it could reverse the menopause in women completely.

Where You Can Buy NAD+ & NMN?

With the increase in popularity for NAD+ & NMN, many people are starting supplement companies that sell NAD+ & NMN which are impure, have excess amounts of filler and questionable quality.

BioTech Life Sciences offers the purest form of NAD+ & NMN at Pharmaceutical Grade and above 99% purity.

It has been 3rd party tested from the largest 3rd party testing facility, SGS and has been biosynthesised instead of chemically synthesised.

All our patches are then tested by our staff first before any go out to the public.

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